Schematics HDR with Electric Motor and Orgone Accumulator


Dec 15, 2005
Found in the old T.E.C. website archive.

This experiment involved the use of a hyper dimensional resonator which was placed in close approximation to a two phase electric motor. The distance between the electromagnet and the armature shaft was radionically tuned, which in turn induced a cadius field which also conditioned the plate which was positioned over the electromagnet. After allowing both of these units to run for at least 15 minutes, I deactivated the instruments. I then removed the plate from the electromagnet, and positioned it, so that the screen side of the orgone accumulator was facing towards me. Next, I then shorted out the bare ends of an extension cord to the screen. The extension cord which was used in the experiment, was plugged into 110 volt, 60 cycle outlet. But anyhow when the extension cord was shorted out onto the screen, this is what transported me physically through time. What people don't realize, is that once you set up a cadius field around a given object, and the fields are cut, this in turn transports the individual in and out of the zero vector.


In reference to the schematic, this device can, and will transport the individual physically through time, provided that the gap space between the electromagnet and the two phase electric motor has been tuned correctly. It must be pointed out however, that if there is any form of problem shooting, it may become necessary to program both the H.D.R., and orgone accumulator. While using a pendulum, rubbing plate, or G.S.R., (i.e. for the purpose of programming the instruments) the following command should be stated, for example: transport my physical body, spirit, and soul, to ________. When you have recived the correct signal from either your pendulum, rubbing plate, or G.S.R., this means that the instruments have now been fully programmed. And once that everything else has been tuned correctly, it should now be a simple matter to transport yourself physically through time. Take care using this working device.


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Feb 8, 2015
Im assuming the G.S.R stands for Galvanic Skin Response..I first came across this terminology in the early 1970s when electronic devices started being built (and are still being built) to help people overcome neurological problems such as anxiety..tension headaches..migraines..panic attacks..insomnia..etc etc....They work by measuring the skins resistance and capacitance and sensors will be placed on fingers..ears or the head, so when for example a person gets recurring headaches, he or she will "learn" through the use of the machine how to relax areas in the neck and jaw muscles...Researchers also discovered that warming of the hands can be beneficial during migraine attacks, and again you can "learn" to do this through relaxation of the hands...

As far as i can remember, the original Bio-Feedback devices used a system whereby Alpha Brain Waves are picked up via a headband and fed into a pair of headphones so that the individual can actually hear the pulses and can slow them down by concentration until the whole of the body is completely relaxed, and not just parts of it.....Getting back to the Time-Machine, the G.S.R. which is explained in the above diagram, is really known as the "stick effect" you get when using an HDR...

@steven chiverton I think Steve might be interested in making that addition to his own HDR`s and i will be looking forward to seeing his engineering expertise again (y) :)


Jul 7, 2016
thanks for sharing Num7, I am interested to know what Era of time you went to, and why you did not decide to stay..since we are living in such risky times...every now & then news hint to WW3 ?


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Oct 6, 2016
What site was that from? How does he come back? Any stories? Are you attempting this?


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Oct 19, 2013
Very interesting, I'll have to try and make one of these at some point.