Health and Safety Lunacy!

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Feb 8, 2015
An Intu Shopping Centre manager in London UK, kicked out two guys who were selling poppies, because of "Public Safety Concerns" o_O..
One of the two guys is actually a Health and Safety officer!!....In the UK we use the term, "Elf and Safety" to belittle the narrow minded self important zealots, that literally "make up" their own Elf and Safety Laws! :rolleyes:..Picture shown below..

One of the worse Health and Safety stories that i recall was back in 2012, when 41 year old Simon Burgess was drowning in three foot of water and three fire-fighters were standing on the side of a lake, literally watching him drown!!......At the inquest into the death of Mr Burgess, those fire-fighters said that they REFUSED to help him because Health and Safety rules did not allow them to enter water that was more than ankle height!! :mad:..

A female police officer was going into the water to help Mr Burgess, but was "ordered" back by the three fire-fighters quoting Health and Safety rules!!..
Iam not a vindictive person, but i wouldnt care less if those vile fire-fighters and the useless police officer were reminded every minute of every day for the rest of "their lives", for the betrayal of not saving a human beings life, and the death of a husband and father, that his family have to endure, for the rest of "their lives"..

Too Deep..the "Emergency services" the three fire-fighters, are pictured here just after they recovered the body of Mr Burgess, from the lake...They had refused to get into the water until "Specialists" arrived, because it was too deep!...
It was a pity that their were no "Specialists" around when Mr Burgess was drowning, because they would have simply stuck up their second fingers to those three fire-fighters, that were quoting Elf and Safety rules!!..

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Sep 12, 2017
Too deep... WTF

It's disgusting when life is in the balance.

Just seems to be not my job type of reaction broken down to possible division between services.

Ive seen similar stuff over here in OZ, but not that bad. No doubt its on it's way over.