Hello. I am Mr Blank.

Mr Blank

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Hello. I am Mr Blank.

I came across this site while looking soon after I heard about John Titor. I'm currently trying to prove one way or the other the existence of Titor by trying to reverse-engineer his time machine from the manuals (if that sounds stupid, well I've actually built TV's and video camerals well looking at the manuals). I'm also a big time time-travel nut. I personally think five things about it:

1) The Everett Many-Worlds Interperatation of Quantum Mechanics is the truth.
2) There have been time travellers here both in the past and in the present.
3) The reason we don't really here about this travellers is because the Montauk Project guys cover it up.
4) Time Travel can also lead into "fictional" worlds.
5) Time Travel can lead into alternate Earths.

Well, I hope to make some progress on my project and hope I can be better informed about TT while on this site.
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Welcome Mr Blank...Chrono Jim has a public usergroup you might be interested in joining as well.

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Welcome Mr Blank...Chrono Jim has a public usergroup you might be interested in joining as well.[/b]

Sorry John and Mr. Blank... That group is for single timeline/world enthusiasts, not multiple timeline/world'ers. But we all love to get a good discussion going. And by the way... Welcome Mr. Blank!

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Welcome Mr Blank. :)
I have a question for you. If you read over one of my past post. This is something I just really dont understand. Do you have a theory?



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Hey everyone, I wanted to share a very weird email I recieved this morning.

It's short and sweet.

here is the weird part. It from me. It's from my email account, my IP i recieved it this morning. No, I wasnt drinking last night. I dont know I just dont get it. Honestly, if I do ever figure it out i'll tell you. I can't think of anyone who could have had my email account password.... weird.

Dr FF[/b]
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psy101..., can you tell me how to take a jpeg and shink it to the forums 100x 100 pixals ?... as i would like a personalized avatr
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Artsouth, my avatar absolutely sux, but I shrunk it using Microsoft Photo Editor and fiddling around with the Image...Resize...option. I know there is a much easier way to do it but I just wanted to get an avatar on there in a hurry.:dry:

I am gonna be changing it soon anyway as I don't think looking at a squashed Dodge Viper GT-S is doing anyone any good. :lol: