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Again, thank you Nicholas.

Do you have any stories you would like to share about the future? What's the biggest thing you miss in your timeline? (Other than your family and friends.) How were you chosen for this specific mission? Where did you grow up and what was it like? Did you get a chance to visit your family members in 2014 and if so, what happened? Are you going to steer the 2014 Nicholas in directions you have not gone?

Can you read this message on your timeline? Have you read it before you left to come here?

Hope all is well with everyone.
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i can read it and the biggest thing that i have done is change the show room in chevy dealerships. i have also told them about the hdr which is 85 percent accurate and if you dont come back at a certain time, either something different will change in you immediate life or your gone from that universe completely so be ware of you surroundings at all times i too can really time travel though my heat which is a pacemaker and defribullator and electronic valve to keep me alive but when i turn off my bedroom lights, im in another world ty


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Okay, This is my personal confession, why I became obsessed with time travel.
This is completely crazy, even in my opinion.
But somehow this happened.
For a long time, I'don't remember where from, I have been able to see flashes. Flashes of how things will turn up or rather how they could turn. For example one morning I woke up in the morning and went to the bathroom. While entering the bathroom I just suddenly knew that that other me/will have a fight with his mother about failing enterance exam, I also suddenly knew that I would pass the exam without a problem and this fight would never occur in my case. It was March that year and exam was in June. Everything went as I saw it in the flashback. This was few years back. Usually these flashbacks occur quite randomly, maybe few times a year. sometimes they are completely irrelevant. Like that I can see that I will come few days later late back home from lecture , and my cat would be hungry, and my counterpart would come in time. These flashbacks are not too accurate

However, there was this one long flashback, which I can't get out of my mind, I think it happened in spring of 2013. Didn't put a marker when it happened as I didn't feel that it was important at the time. The more I tried to recall details the more important it seemed.
It was so weird. It's the reason why I'm so obsessed to find out more about it.
Here's flashbacks summary:

It was me, but a completely different me. I saw myself wearing a white lab uniform with cyan border. The lab uniform reminded me of cooks uniform, but I somehow knew this was a lab uniform. The border was made out of luminescent silicone. It also functioned as a zipper, because in that silicone was also embedded magnetic strip which enabled closing the jacket. I might have walked a white corridor, then I entered a room with a view, I think I was in some sort of skyscraper as I saw a city. I don't remember too much about the city. I think it might have had other skyskapers. I approached the wall on the wall there was interactive console. I was just do to something to the wall console (the wall console was kinda like transparent glass ), when someone behind me said "Administrator" (I think, they did... not sure), and flashback ended. I had also feeling that this flashback was from very far away. Felt like this was from the timeline that was very different from our's.

To be honest I haven't told this to anyone, because that sounds so crazy, and seems to violate everything I believe in.

So based on previous flashbacks I assume it was other me at the same time, maybe me in the future or other me in the future.

Now does this make any sense or give OP any ideas.

Also, I wonder would this even warrant it's own topic, but I just put it here and see how things develop.

P.s. I've deleted youtube link as I feel people who are indeed from the future should know how it looks.

P.s.ps. This is not something that I care too much about as I feel these flashbacks are mostly unimportant, so I think the best thing is to just forget about them. But this one flashback seriously made me wonder. I don't know, but since I saw that flashback I have seriously began considering studying&learning more about robotics. Yet, I'm studying other field which doesn't have too much to do with it and I'm happy studying it. I know that science can explain deja-vu but these flashes go beyond deja-vu, so I'm at loss.
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Silverheart I believe you've been reading to many fiction books, and are on some kind of mind altering drugs, pcp, or pellotie, maybe you were on acid. What kind of drugs do yo used :)


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Clairvoyant Disease
Thinking of OP's post.
Alternative reality Quantum entanglement. Claivoyrance is result from unintentional?
This however would need to be proved scientifically. What if there would be a way to send a thought or message through realities. Hmm... My knowledge in field of mathematics and physics is too limited, but clearly someone with enough money, resources, time and knowledge could pull it off.
Also while thinking about this post I think I might have realized something. There is a far greater enemy in the future than few human time travelers. Few terrifying scenarios slipped to my mind, I perhaps understand it now. Maybe or maybe not.


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SilverHeart, I have some questions:
You said that time travel happens mainly from 2000 to 2030, when was the first Australian made time machine created?
Exactly how many "Fragmented Memories do you have?
Is there any information in your future about "Attractor Fields" or "Division Fields"?
Can you describe the synopsis of WW3 in detail?
In WW3 is there any fighting within western nations?

In terms of question 3, I have mentioned the general idea in another thread, but I haven't mentioned Division fields yet.

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A disaster in 2015 huh? And in May... Recently I had a very wierd lucid dream in which I was in a apocolyptic-like world. The dream was so lucid that I even felt pain. I know that I was protecting a certain little girl which I do not know while fighting someone who wanted her. Then recently I was conducting a fun based investigation on my past where I found a few connections and made a date. The date was 15/5/15. It was fairly easy. I moved to the US when I was 5, moved back to PR in 5th grade, andplanning to move back to the US at 15. At first I thought 5/5/5, but I was wrong. That date may still have significance, but no. I made the date 5/5/15, but something didn't look right. Than I saw that the 15th was on a friday. I immediatly got the shivers. Also being in May and 2015 I think that this somehow is connected. By the way, the dream was just way to real that I remember it as clear as day. Lile a memory. Any info on this that may help om my investigation please reply.

- L. Skylar


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Can you do something personal for someone? Such as can you visit someone I knew in the past who was in the hospital and dying. I didn't know he was there, no one told me. If I asked, would you go back and tell him something for me?