hello ppl


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hello ppl

hi im new to the site. i am from good old britain, am 16 and very interested in the unexplainable and the weird things in life. :D like in science we study atoms and they have electrons spinning around them......they cant be seen with any technology they are only there because they mathamatically make sense so we learn about them.

but one thing that also makes sense using mathimatical equations is a white hole....the exit of a black hole where everything comes out, like a worm hole. now that mathimaticaly makes sense but is considered crazy :(

this looks like a great site i hope i have a great time see you ppl around i hope.


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Re: hello ppl

Welcome to our site Arez! We hope you enjoy your stay.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM CaryP or I, or any of the staff. Be sure to get into LiveChat and meet your fellow members!


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Re: hello ppl

Welcome to the plantation buckshot. That's a term of endearment from older guys like me (50) to young men like you (16) in my part of the world (Southern US). Glad you found us Arez. We got a few of you Brits running around the place. Check out Grayson. He's the SuperMod here, and sounds like Paul McCartney on the phone to my American ears. But hey, I'm a major Beatles fan.