Help needed. Twitch after argument has effect on bad vibes?

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Nov 3, 2017
Hello, My friend hasn't been able to sleep properly on his bed (he gets bad vibes and twitching). That changed after having an intense argument with a family member which ended in the relative alternating between semi seizure and fainting, he suddenly was able to sleep normally without being uncomfortable but the relative started having muscle pain on their bed. My friend also keeps getting bad vibes/twitching after speaking or receiving stuff from another family member. (Only one person though. The rest are normal to him). My friend also visited his father's friend and noticed that they were tossing and turning unusually often while taking a nap. The house they were in is normally static (no new stuff is added and father's friend sticks to his daily routine). The only new thing was a cellphone he received as a gift from the [bad vibes] family member. My friend put the phone in another room and the owner slept peacefully again.

There are also many other symptoms but these are the most "tactile" ones.

Edit: If you need more information feel free to ask.

Update: The relative that alternated between semi seizure and fainting after the argument saw a "black mist" hovering above them while in semi-seizure state. He also told me that any argument happened right after the [bad vibes] family member came and talked to him about something. He hasn't been able to sleep for more than 5 hours everyday since this thing started. He went to a hotel once and he slept a little more but still not normally. He also told me that one of his house relatives who wasn't involved in any argument but spends a long time with the bad vibes family member started twitching heavily while sleeping (almost like tardive dyskenisa but in sleep). But as the situation went on and the twitching got less intense he noticed that if he got close to the sleeping relative the twitching would start. (He waited 10-15 minutes while standing far away from the relative and the relative didn't twitch, the moment he got closer the twitching started).
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