Hey Everyone


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Hey Everyone

Hey everyone, My name is Joe but I go by the online pen name of Phantom Lord and I'm a long time lurker and first time poster.

I've browsed this board and others to try and get an idea of where we might be going in this world and I can honestly say the prospect of Time Travel does Interest me.

I havent done any actual expiermenting, but someday I would like to.

But for the mean time I just wanna post and contribute to the flow of discussion.
Re: Hey Everyone

Welcome to the plantation PhantomLord, all the way from Brooklyn even. Been getting quite a few of you Yankees lately. Don't take that as an offense, just noticing from my Southern perspective is all. Most of the members here are Yankees. That's a good thing.


Re: Hey Everyone

Welcome to our forum PhantomLord. Glad to see another lurker has joined! Hope to see more of your posts.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM Cary or I, or any of our staff. Be sure to get on our Live Chat and get to know the others.