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My moniker of choice is N.O.X. Infinitum. I'm new to the forum and excited to hear your ideas and participate in discussions. I'm a writer and a visionary. My life's work is to build the Temple of the Archinox, which is a restoration of the ancient Temple of Light to the New Earth. This project is actually being built and will be realized within your lifetime. If you're interested, a full explanation and proposal is available here: Temple of the Archinox.

I've also recently published my first fiction, an occult thriller called N.O.X. Infinitum's Megalo. It's an intense and subversive thrill ride that I'm sure you'll absolutely eat up and enjoy. I've also published several art books and a poetry anthology called Extensive Meditations on Blood & Semen vol. 1-3, which includes my previous books: Queen of the Vanities: An Exercise in Demon Yoga, The Sacraments of Lilith, and The Emerald Stare of the Golden Dragon: Funky Phallic Forms of Flow, Foamed and Frothed in Frolicking and Enchanted Play.

Description: Belly satiated and mouth dripping with juices, having devoured the Forbidden Fruit as Dionysus at the vine, the Poet turns and offers us his overflowing chalice. Do you dare the magick potion? The Ipissimus does not distinguish between poison and elixir. Coagula et Solve. Aggressive, playful, scathing, paradoxical and scandalous- these volumes turn our sacred cows on their heads. If nothing is sacred, everything is. The Pied Piper arrives at your door and offers you open invitation- to leave the boundaries of your own Psyche behind, don your cloak and mask, and dance free as a beast under the Night of Pan in the City of Pyramids. With subjects ranging from Mysticism, Magick, Metaphysics, Qaballah, Tarot, Numerology, Zen, Shamanism, Kalachakra Tantra and the Occult Sciences to Sex, Love, Death, Devastation, Drugs, Despair, Victory, Art, and Dreams- written in deliciously subversive, nauseatingly erotic, shockingly disgusting, enchantingly magickal, ethereally beautiful and gut-busting hilarious verse; you’ll laugh, cry, convulse with fear, rage with anger, and ultimately be swept away on a magick carpet ride under the spell of ultimate compassion.

Anyway, all of these books is available on Amazon.com. This is pretty much what I'm up to. Can't wait to read more and start joining in the conversations.

N.O.X. Infinitum

Jikan Yugami

Welcome to the party N.O.X.
I look forward to your works and intend to read your book when I get the chance and time. Hope to see you on some of my posts in the future.


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Welcome to Paranormalis...Your prose and syntax is reminiscent of another Paranormalis member we had the pleasure of knowing :)..