Hi, I need help.


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And I am not mistaken. This man has broken laws in New York. Money laundering for starters. In New Jersey he failed to pay his workers on his Trump projects there and put mom and pop businesses out of work because of it. My friend who lives in New Jersey told me this one. And he is presently trying to tear our Constitution apart. If you think this man is a great president, wow! I believe you are going to lose your freedoms under this man, because this is precisely what he is trying to do: TAKE YOUR MONEY AND ALL YOUR FREEDOMS AWAY! You will be a slave under this man if he continues in office much longer! I do NOT understand how in the world you people do NOT SEE how this man is taking ALL OF YOUR MONEY! AND HE IS AND HE IS SPENDING IT LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW! 10 million each weekend just to go golfing for God sakes!

Michael Macintosh

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Okay, so there are no time travelers in here, and if there are, they are telling me nothing. Thanks, guys, real big help you are. Do I have to do everything myself? - MM.


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@JasperMoon - Yeah, whatever. You obviously need help. Now, let's get the focus off Trump and back on trying to help Michael with whatever he needs to sort out. I'm done arguing here.

No this country needs help and those who believe this man to be a moral, upstanding, decent, Christian man are also the ones who need help.


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jasper trump lies, contradicts himself all the time...who cares?
nk situation is going well, econ is going well, fbi and doj are being routed out of corruption, what else ya want?


Hi everyone, how are you all doing? Are there any professed time travelers on here? I'm interested in finding people who can tell me what might happen over the next several years / decades / etc., specifically because I am actually interested in running for President of the U.S., and I have been more or less told that I'm already going to be elected by 2025. I do believe I have been part of some time travel and teleportation programs since I was a small child, but I have not traveled in this time / world-line up to a certain point, so I don't actually know my own future. I'm sure if there are real time travelers on here (and it is a real phenomenon), that some would know what will happen. I know it's not protocol to tell anyone their own future, but if you can drop me a hint or clue of some sort if you know what is likely to happen, I really could use the boost of confidence right now, because it seems to me to be rather unlikely, if not impossible that I could ever become President of the United States. Our politics and economics are so utterly rigged against the interests of the majority, and I would happily do my utmost to accurately represent that majority, therefore I have little to no faith that I could get elected because the powers that be don't want someone who will do what is good for the people. Although Trump did just get elected and (perhaps) he is changing that. Your thoughts on any of this please. Except please keep your opinions on my sanity to yourself if you have no experience with time / space travel programs. I'm not interested in back and forth name-calling or labeling anyone. That can be for another time, maybe. Thanks, everyone. - MM.

just want to say, please do not take this negatively,

First i want to say, i feel everyone should follow their Heart in life, and if You wish to become President, then i wish You well and good luck. And i wish everyone who follows their Hearts and Dreams in life, good luck as well, believe it or not , everyone who is reading this. Whether it's wanting to be in movies, or create a new telescope, or to be a President, everyone , follow Your Hearts and dreams in life (as long as they are positive, don't be idiots right? right lol) .

So, anyhow, i wish you luck with whatever path You choose in life.

Second, i just wanted to say, ( not that i have experience, just sharing what my gut says, which is,) it's not hard to get voted in, just talk with the People, because no matter how rigged a system is, if the People want someone in office enough, they will vote them in, and the votes become so many that those who rig an election, can still have no effect on the outcome, because the People voted.

That is how one knows , when someone won an election, is if more of the People voted, than usually does.

Then, it is Truly the People, that vote or voted someone in, because the actual numbers (of the people that voted) don't lie.

And that is how a person sees whether an election was rigged or not, the number of votes, not anything else.

just my opinion Only, i could be wrong with all i say , always, or not.

Anyhow, if someone wants to be a good Leader, and voted in by the People, all You have to do, is Talk with the People, and with technology today, it is not hard to be heard, if a person wants to be heard by the People, just talk. Talk on tv shows, talk on news shows, talk on youtube, talk talk talk.

That is how a true Leader is chosen truly by the People. And the People know it.

Always, it is the People , that choose the Leader they truly want, or that Leader , would not be there. That might be hard to believe or accept by many, but we can't deny it's true.

my point in what i'm trying to say is, if You want to be President, i think that is cool , i wish You luck , and if you really want to be President, then You got to talk With the People, and if You do that, then the chance of getting to become President , will grow! Talk with the People, peacefully , everywhere. Become known by being You, and sharing who You are, truly, with Everyone, and You will become the Leader You wish to be.

Anyhow i really do wish You and everyone luck with their dreams in life. (as long as they are positive of course.)

Peace :)
The presidency is rigged every term. If the powers that be who OWN & RUN the media want you in, then you'll get in.

Without any name recognition & an available media platform in your FAVOR it's probably impossible to get elected.

The grass roots days are long over with :(

Just my 2 cents.

Best of luck either way my friend.