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Dec 1, 2004
And I am not mistaken. This man has broken laws in New York. Money laundering for starters. In New Jersey he failed to pay his workers on his Trump projects there and put mom and pop businesses out of work because of it. My friend who lives in New Jersey told me this one. And he is presently trying to tear our Constitution apart. If you think this man is a great president, wow! I believe you are going to lose your freedoms under this man, because this is precisely what he is trying to do: TAKE YOUR MONEY AND ALL YOUR FREEDOMS AWAY! You will be a slave under this man if he continues in office much longer! I do NOT understand how in the world you people do NOT SEE how this man is taking ALL OF YOUR MONEY! AND HE IS AND HE IS SPENDING IT LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW! 10 million each weekend just to go golfing for God sakes!