Hi, I'm looking for Time Travellers!

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Nov 10, 2018
Hi there,

I'm Anima. I'm here mainly because I would like to write an article about people who claim to have travelled in time or that they still are - I'm very interested in what you might have seen and experienced, how you came here and so forth. I'm 23 and from Berlin, I write for a Berlin based popculture magazine called ZurQuelle - I'll send the link to anyone who is interested, since this is my first post and I can't leave you one right here. The article is supposed to be for the print version of our magazine and will be out in early spring. Please feel free to contact me, if that's okay I will also send out a few messages to people around who claim to have experienced time travelling.

Thanks for letting me join in your forum!
Cheers, Anima