How Long Do The People Of America Have To Put With This Man And His Administration?

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How Long Do The People Of America Have To Put With This Man And His Administration?

Once upon a time, I would have said that our nation's rescue from the Biden regime would come in November of next year, when the Republicans would take back both the House and Senate with veto-proof majorities.

However, since our system of elections has been corrupted (and will probably be corrupted further by next November), I am becoming more doubtful of a Republican victory.

Even if I am wrong -- even if the GOP does win back a majority -- I am doubtful of just exactly what kind of Republicans will be elected. Will they be the old school, elitist conservatives or the populist Trump supporters? I fear that many will choose the latter to get themselves elected, yet revert to the former once in office.

But I'm only an amateur at political analysis. I need to check with an expert.

Hmm... Mine said "OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD".

walt willis

Senior Member
OK here is my confession! Joe was a near by neighbor in DE and he and my mother had me work hard to get him elected for the first time in DE. I know things about Joe that would shock people. I wonder if he remembers me when we sat in our Pine Crest home talking about how he hated Ni**ers?
I can't believe how blacks could vote for such a hateful racist?

Now the larger question may be why the media owned by the left and funded by the deep state block information I just shared?
Oh, by the way did I mention how stupid the guy sounded to me back then?
He was a dim bulb way back then when I knew him also!
I starting to think that our media is pure Evil?
Joe lived in North Star near our home and I was invited to go on Hay Rides every year for my hard work to get him elected.
Yes I was a democrat back then and stayed that way until I was 37 years old....Sorry!E151547010_2453697751443549_2131179647397818278_n.jpg


Has this been forgotten so quickly

Where and when is it okay to talk about politics then? Well, it's not much different than before. Here are a few examples that are just fine:
- Politics when it's part of a conspiracy.
- World News, someone's been elected, stepped down, etc.

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