How the Steven Gibbs HDR Actually Works

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Jun 11, 2004
From: Rex Research

Main components of Tensor Coil AKA Caduceus Coil
A copper wire with a bifilar winding that has the opposing magnetic fields cancel each other. Take a enamel copper wire and nick the middle then twist the wire into a double helix. Now curl the wire into a spiral. This will generate scalar waves when there is a current.

Why does the Caduceus Coil Work?

It is believed that scalar waves have strange effects including the distortion of temporal field.

The HDR caduceus coil built by Steven Gibbs should have the ability to generate an electromagnetic field that disrupts time waves and alters the flow of chronoton particles. My experiment with a watch subjected to the "gibbs effect" establishes that something is causing a disruption in the normal flow of time.

I believe this is caused by scalar waves emanating from the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR created by inventor Steven Gibbs. These waves interact with those of the electromagnet to create a temporal disruption that can affect clocks. See videos of HDR at

What does the HDR Caduceus Coil look like?

The HDR caduceus coil is that round doughnut shaped object at the bottom o the left hand corner in the picture below. This is I believe what makes the HDR work and provides the missing factor for Steven Gibbs HDR.
Insides of a Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) from Steven Gibbs

HDR Finding the Right Frequency

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR), must be tuned to the correct frequency to achieve its effect. Like all radionics machines, the HDR is a bit of a mystery. How do we find the proper rates to assist with astral time travel?

I believe that is a very important thing is for the operator of the HDR to enter the alpha state and clear the mind. This can be achieved through meditation, but I believe that radionics can enable people to boost their natural abilities.
We could call the Steven Gibbs HDR a techno-shamanic tool, used by technomages in attempting to increase their natural latent psychic abilities. Perhaps the pulsed magnetic field can stimulate deep thought process associated with natural psychic ability. We still do not understand the great unknown.

What we do know is that the Hyper Dimensional Resonator was invented in 1985 by Steven Gibbs while he was a farmer in Nebraska. This tool was based on an earlier more crude radionics machine known as the Sonic Resonator which Steven Gibbs developed in 1981.

The HDR has added to it a caduceus coil which Steven Gibbs says is responsible for creating scalar waves. Tuning these scalar waves to the correct frequency appears to be important. Scalar waves are said to be used in time travel experiments.

This experimental radionics machine can be used for astral time travel. The operator of the HDR needs to set the dials to adjust the frequency that is being generated.

Space Time Modulator

The STM or Space Time Modulator is a small device about the size of a pack of cigs and it easily fits in a pocket. Steven Gibbs claims that this device is a mini time machine that can be used for time travel and that it can generate a time warp.

Steven Gibbs sent me an STM free for me to test and I am currently testing it.
The Space Time Modulator does not use an electromagnet, but a copper plate that is attached to the stomach chakra. It is a mini radionics machine that is portable.

HDR Secrets

1) 10K pots are easier to tune than 50K pots. Use 10K pots in your HDR. Steven Gibbs started out with 75K pots and then went to 50K.
2) Turn the pots S-L-O-W-L-Y when tuning the HDR. That way you can more easily get a stick reaction.
3) Drag your fingers over the rubbing plate in a circular fashion.
4) A sneaky strategy to tuning the Hyper Dimensional Resonator - HDR is to rotate both knobs at the same time. Instead of rubbing with one hand and turning one knob. As you get closer to where the stick reaction occurs you will "feel funny".
5) Another HDR secret is that you can tune the box without using a rubbing plate. You can use a pendulum while turning both knobs of Steven Gibbs HDR.
6. According to inventor Steven Gibbs when you move items that time travel they can lose their TIME LOCK and age very fast. Items will start to crumble and then turn to dust. 30 years is the maximum that you can transport items without this effect. Al Bielek reports a man who aged one month per hour after losing his time lock in the Philadelphia Experiment.
7. One way to prevent losing the time lock is to reset it by an electric shock. For example, from a Tesla coil. This should reset the time lock.
8. The HDR witness well can use used as a radionics device. All Hyper Dimensional Resonators use a black plastic witness well made from a film can.

Latest HDR Secrets

1) Steven Gibbs HDR used to be shipped in two separate boxes, one for the HDR electromagnet, the other for the control unit.
2) If you use a south pole field instead of a north pole field Steven Gibbs says you can be sent to bad astral regions.
3) According to Steven Gibbs he says that the HDR can be used for invisibility. Not sure what the rates are.
4) HDR can cause blackouts.
5) Another HDR secret is that when used with a Tesla coil TV reception can be affected.
More secrets of Steven Gibbs HDR (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)
6. Many people claim to have strange experiences with the HDR.
7. Inventor Steven Gibbs tests every HDR unit he builds before he sends it out.
8. Hyper Dimensional Resonators used to use Radio Shack speaker wire, now its 21' magnet wire.

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator is a device invented by Steven L. Gibbs in 1985.

At that time Steven Gibbs was living on a farm in Nebraska. He basically improved on an earlier device called the Sonic Resonator which he built in 1981. The Sonic Resonator is the prior prototype of the new Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR and the Sonic Resonator did not generate a magnetic field as powerful as the HDR.

In fact, Steven Gibbs says that the old sonic resonator required a barium oxide bar magnet to be use in conjunction with the electromagnet. The new radionics machine was much improved, for one thing is now contains a caduceus coil.

Steven Gibbs calls this new device the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.
Not content with the performance of the HDR Steven Gibbs continued to change it. He worked on finding ways to boost the power of the electromagnet and increase the diameter of the active magnetic field.
The original Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR used a 10K resistor instead of a 15K resistor, and instead of the Radio Shack 1K blue capacitor we now have, it was a green .47 capacitor. There were only two rectifier diodes instead of six like now. The HDR electromagnet was not T-shaped like now. It was just a long cylindrical tube without the handles.

Also the old electromagnet of the HDR used Radio Shack speaker wire back then, whereas now it uses 21 gauge copper magnet wire.

Well, according to the inventor Steven Gibbs these improvements make the new Hyper Dimensional Resonator much more powerful.

How to use HDR

There are several methods to use HDR, but most of mine will focus on using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator – HDR for astral time travel to the future. This is accomplished by entering a meditative state of mind and exteriorizing my soul.

Basically, I use an HDR with a double terminated quartz crystal and a barium oxide bar magnet. The bar magnet is attached to the end of the HDR electromagnet and the quartz crystal is placed inside the witness well. Before I place the quartz crystal in the witness well, it will be charged up inside a crystal pyramid.

These energies are what boost the frequency of my astral body and allow me to jump to the future. If my jump is only a month I am OK, but if I need to do a long jump, like a hundred years into the future, then I use a Tesla Coil alongside the HDR. The Tesla coil provides the zero vector that I use to tunnel into the future. You need more energy to travel further.

For a very long jump, like thousands of years into the future, I use several HDR units and Tesla coils. I tune all of them to the future date I wish to travel to. This allow me to use more energy in pumping up the astral body.

How to tune

First ask a questions like “What are the rates that will take my to the year 2050?” After you turn on the HDR you can begin by placing one hand over the rubbing plate and stroking it, while with your other hand slowly turn the top dial clockwise and counter clockwise until you get a stick reaction. That means your fingers get stuck to the plate and feel gummy like glue. When this happens start adjusting the bottom dial. At the point of maximum sticky you have found the rates.

Scalar waves from caduceus coil

Inside the HDR under the rubbing plate is a caduceus coil that generates scalar waves. These scalar waves are believed to cause strange paranormal events. I believe they are responsible for many of the odd occurrences with the HDR.

Witness Well

To get an accurate fix on my target, I will often place an item in the witness well, like for example, a picture taken in the 1920's of Coney Island. So I can go back to the time of jazz and Model T-Fords. However, if I wish to go to the future, I can draw a picture on a piece of paper and place that inside the witness well of the HDR. For example, a drawing of the Shire Tower in New Chicago in 2150, a city built after the war.

Rubbing Plate

I will state the question “take me to the Shire Tower in New Chicago 2150” then stroke the rubbing plate of the of HDR. All the while turning the knobs to find the proper frequency. When my fingers get stuck to the plate like glue, then I can power up the electromagnet. I will let the magnet ride for about seven mins. If it goes much over ten minutes the electromagnet will get hot.

Barium Oxide Bar Magnet

The Barium Oxide Bar Magnet is used to boost the power of the HDR electromagnet so that my astral body has more energy. This is a great way to increase the ability of the astral traveler. With a bar magnet my ability is far greater than with just an electromagnet.

Time Coils

By placing curly cords called “Time Coils” around my head the frequency is established. The time coil is supposed to help make my finding the proper frequency easier. They are supposed to interact with my astral soul.

Quartz Crystal

I believe that a double terminated quartz crystal helps me focus on the time I wish to travel to. For example, if I want to see how things are going to be next year, I can focus on what I wish to see. The problem is that there is a big war in the future and many important landmarks are gone.

Grid Point Vortex

According to Steven Gibbs, the Hyper Dimensional Resonator works best when it is over a grid point vortex. Although you can create an artificial grid point using two copper pipes, a natural grid point is supposed to be better.
To find a grid point I use a EMF detector also known as a gaussmeter. This device is often used by ghost hunters because paranormal events tend to occur near a vortex. My EMF meter measures the strength of magnetic fields and basically, I am looking for an anomaly – an area where the electromagnetic fields are stronger than normal.

A grid point forms where two grid lines cross. See more on this in the Hartmann Grid. if a grid point is very powerful it is called a vortex. It is like a magnetic tornado. This is a place where the fabric of space time is weak and time travel is supposed to be easier.

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Jun 11, 2004
This may have been posted a long time ago on this great site!!!! I feel it is good information to re-post again.

By: Professor Opmmur - June 1997

The Steven Gibbs Time Machine

I have had my Gibb's Time Machine the (Hyper-Dimensional Resonator) well over one year now. I have talked to Steven Gibbs by phone two times regarding my order and one time after I received the machine and his nine books. I am not here to sell anyone on buying a machine or not to buy a machine. I personally would buy the time machine again; it all depends on why a person wants the time machine in the first place. I also feel, the nine books, Steven wrote are a good starting point on the subject of time travel and are not very deep.

I feel Steven's Time Machine is real and does work as a time machine, but first it has some small and large problems. The four small problems can be very easily fixed before using the time machine. Problem #2 is the larger problem and cannot be fixed every easily.

1. The electric shock problem - The machine uses a time cord, which is placed around the person’s head, which has 120 volts of AC power coming out of your home wall plug. Most wall plugs in your home are fused at 15 or 20 Amps. This much electric current or power in Amps can hurt a person if the time cord had a short or cut in the wiring.

The Fix: Going to Radio Shack and buying the following fixed the problem: One package of 3 Amp fast blow fuses and a fuse housing to hold the fuse. Next you drill a small hole in the side of the Time Machine Box the size of the fuse housing. Then place the new fuse housing in the new hole and tighten it on place. Next, cut one of the AC wires coming for the wall plug cord in half. Solder the two cut AC wires to the two connections found on the fuse housing. (NOTE: Never fix or cut the wires when the AC plug is plugged in the wall.)

2. The poor tuning - The Time Machine's next problem is a big problem, no range or tuning. There are two small knobs or dials used to control the tuning of the machine. One for the dials is the main tuning dial and the other is a main tuner dial in serials with the first dial. When tuning the dials, you must also use the rubbing plate on the machine to tune the dials. When you find the point where your fingers stick to the rubbing plate means that you are close to the tuning point your looking for, per Steven's enclosed user's guide. The main problem I have had is that the machine doesn’t have the range of tuning required in order to work right. It is like trying to find the Art Bell Show through all of the thousands of AM and FM stations. There are two dials and a rubbing plate to find stations such as the Art Bell Radio Show when tuning the whole Electromagnet Bands from DC though the X-ray bands. The chances for success are not very good when there is almost no range or tuning available to find the Art Bell Show or the setting for Time Travel targets.

The Fix: I feel it needs 10 to 16 more fine tuning stages or dials for success when using the device for physical time travel, astral time travel and/or remote viewing places or dates in time.

3. The sample well and the quartz crystal - Each machine has a small 1" x .25" double terminated quartz crystal used in the sample well. Next the operator must use typing paper with his or her own saliva on it. The quartz crystal and saliva will help tune the time machine better. (Per the owner manual)
The Fix: A sample well for saliva and quartz crystals is used on most radionics devices when radionics healing is being done. I feel the time machine needs a larger quartz crystal. The size I use is 3" x 1" rounded on one end and pointed on the other end. I do not use the saliva sample. The clear colored larger quartz crystal can be used as focusing point for the machine energy then you try to tune the dials.

4. The heavy AC electromagnet and small bar magnet - The heavy AC electromagnet used is a good size to be used on this time machine. It is strong enough to make the machine work, but the small bar magnet is too small for the large electromagnet coil. The operations manual states that the small bar magnet must be placed on the end of the AC electromagnet so it repels north to north on the AC electromagnet iron frame. When the AC electromagnet is used with the permanent bar magnet, it vibrates at 60 cycles per second. If this small bar magnet if working right when placed on your lower charka (the naval area). This will make your whole lower charka vibrate at 60 cycles per second which the natural vibrations of the universe. This is also the same 60 cycles used by the great Philadelphia Experiment in 1946. (The ship that traveled in time)

The Fix: The heavy AC electromagnet works great but the small bar magnet needs to be large and stronger. I used a 2" x 2" x .5” Neodymium 35. Permanent magnet. This strong Neodymium 35 magnet has 4 square inches of north surface area to use. When placing the larger and stronger magnet on your naval area, this helps to closely align your own body to the 60 cycles natural vibrations of the universe. This should allow you to do physical time travel, astral time travel, or remote viewing to places or dates in time.

5. A time grid line or a natural energy point - If you listen to Steven Gibbs w hen he talks about energy points they are bad or good points. I feel he is right that the good and bad spots found are natural. A person should always take care when near a natural energy point because it can alter your machines time settings. You could open doors into bad or good alternate dimensions in time that you may not be able to close again.

The Fix: The best fix is never to operate a working time device near any active time grid lines or natural energy points. If your time machine is a working machine, then it should work very well when there are no active time grid lines or natural energy points around.
I have done all the fixes listed above with the exception of number #2. When you review the time and money spent you would be better to start over and not try to add 10 to 16 more fine tuning stages or dials. In doing all but #2 repairs: The following things have happened to me using the Gibbs time machine.

1. I have never done physical time travel using Steven's time machine. I feel the chances of physical time travel are one in about one billion of it happening. (See problem #2 and why)

2. I have had success and here is my story. About a month after receiving the time machine I used it to astral project in time for about four days. One day before a full moon I projected four days into the future, which was Wednesday of the following week. I was viewing my city's front-page newspaper. On the front page of the Wednesday newspaper I saw a full color picture of wreckage and destruction. I was not sure if it was a bad tornado or earthquake. Well when Wednesday came I hurried to view the front page. I saw on the front page the following: It had a picture of mass destruction from a tornado, which had hit and destroyed most of a small town in Texas. This was about the first or second week of May in 1997. This machine of Steven Gibbs works well as a radionics astral time travel for remote viewing places and/or dates in time. I have also traveled to other times over the past year with the same success. For the best success you should do your traveling two days before or after the full moon or on the full moon.

PLEASE NOTE: I found that the range on my machine is about 4 to 7 days in the future, not weeks, months or years. I am not sure, but I think because of the poor tuning of the machine your own mind corrects some of the bad tuning errors. The greatest range I have gotten out of the time machine is about 4 to 7 days.

3. When you’re using the time machine for radionics astral time travel and/or remote viewing places or dates in time; then you must use the two dial settings and rubbing plate. Also use the large electromagnet and permanent magnet while tuning the machine to the time you want. After you complete the tuning and use of the electromagnetic magnet, which is pulsing at 60 cycles per second with the time coils around your head, you can turn every thing off. Next you lay down on a bed or other comfortable surface and concentrate on what your time target is. After a few minutes of concentration you will start to see and/or hear sounds. The information is extremely subtle and you still feel the pulsing of the 60 cycles per second on your lower body parts. Next, you will start to experience the following: You will start to hear voices or see pictures in your own minds eye. It is so subtle that you would tend to believe or think that it was your own mind talking to you, on your time trip. The difference between your mind talking too you and this type of Astral Time Travel is when you review the events later and all starts to come true. If it was your own mind talking to you all the things would never probably come true or happen on the date you're Astral Time Travel said it would.

4. Now is the time for you the reader to judge if this time machine is for you are not. Yes, I would buy the time machine again. You should also note that Steven Gibbs is NOT the only source for time machines and time travel information. There are many others if you look. Steven Gibbs is just the most known in the field of time travel today. In time, I feel many other people will come to be known also. Steven Gibbs will go down in history as the first person to sell time travel machines. There is also a good friend of mine Alfred Bielek who is known as the very first person to travel in time and come back to talk about his time travel. And Phil Schneider that was killed in 1996, if you do not know the name, look it up on the Internet.

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Feb 8, 2015
Excellent posting Prof..the wiring on the cudaceus coil is like this sideways>> the center of an X is where the magnetic field of the current is collapsed... and you can get this collapsed field if you stick together 2 magnets with their North poles facing each other...wrap some wiring around it and you have another type of Cudaceus coil....using magnets is easier because the X windings have to be exactly at a 45 degree angle to each other :)
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