How to become a forest god?

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Mushrooms have kilometer long roots communicating quickly over long distances like the internet. The parts we see above the surface are just fruits. The human body is already using a symbiosis with bacterias, so the immune system might accept a fungus network.

If one could stop cells from aging and genetically engineer a fungus interfacing with human brains, how could one become a forest god?

Letting the fungus consume one cell at a time would be an impossible puzzle of random unassociated memories. Powering a whole brain in one place would strain nutrient distribution too much for a fungus network.
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Seems like itd be more practical, enjoyable to go be a forest hermit, then sage, eventually ( if you practice) full druid. then die and become a demi god of the forest, i say this because this is beliefs, tales etc of this exact thing. deforming into fungi, even if psychedelics to be forest god sounds like hell manifest.