how to become a vampire?


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how to become a vampire?

hi I'm very intrigued by these threads especially the one about Adrian very interesting stuff. now i hope u don't think my naive but is there anyway on how to become a vampire? and what are the theories and how one becomes a vampire like how, bitten?, blood transfusion? how does it happen ill be happy to get a good reply
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The only people who know aren't likely to tell, and that's a good thing. We don't need every other ignorant jackass being turned into a near-immortal parasitic demon of the night, human beings are quite nasty enough without an actual biological need for bloodletting. That being said, go find a Vampire if you'd like to find out how they're created, there are various explanations from the simple bite and you're in to rituals involving death and rebirth and even mystical theft of vampiric powers by individuals who subdue and capture these creatures for a living or for some personal reason. If you have any friends in the Holy C who wouldn't look down on you for requesting some odd reading, the church does allow various tomes to go out to local parish priests for study, things like exorcism diaries whose pages often contain rationally documented paranormal events (you'd be surprised how scientific a priest can sound when talking about "spiritual mechanics"), said events include encounters with beings you would no doubt consider Vampires.

Finding Vampires themselves is a hard thing, but general rules are:

1. Stick to cities, parasites are drawn towards their hosts, and the most available hosts are in urban areas. Corruption and crime also fester, homelessness, etc, lots of places for an underground culture to assert itself without being noticed or while taking the place of already existing street people.

2. Go out at night. Whether or not Vampires die in the sun is utterly unknown to me, but, by the very nature of a Vampire's existance, living off of others, drawing in the stupid and unwary for eventual submission and use, outright attacks, strong-arm intimidation tactics, lends itself to a nocturnal lifestyle.

3. Keep your eyes open. When you go looking for Vampires, you're more likely to find unfriendly people who want your money, your clothes, and probably your life too. I will never publically condone vigilante-like actions or tell anyone to do anything that might lead to harming someone else. However, you are embarking upon a very dangerous road, do be aware of that, and prepare yourself accordingly with whatever essential equipment you feel might be nessicary. Guns are bad, very bad! No!

4. Don't ask questions, don't be overt, and don't be silly. You could spend a year scoping out the same bar and find nothing, or go for a walk around the corner to grab a sandwich and nearly have your throat ripped out. The point is, once someone becomes aware you're looking for something, it becomes that much harder to find, unless you piss someone off, then you can expect a reaction from someone, probably not a Vampire though, though in the places where you'd go looking, pissing the average person off carries the same result as pissing off a vampire, minus the exsanguination, so for God sakes keep your head down!

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thanks dude u talk as if u have like hunted em down or alike could u fill me in with any more info?, like ure experiances with em?
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I'm not an expert, what you saw above is about the extent of my knowledge about Vampires, never met one that i've confirmed, but i've happened upon people who've been hosts at some point for these things. I'm not a hunter, i'm not some nut job in a punisher t-shirt polishing a rifle and throwing darts at a Dracula poster, i'm just an odd person whom very odd, often quite terrible things happen to. Being such a person, it seems that other people who've had such terror find their way to me at some point. I assist as I can, I offer advice and anything else that might be helpful.

The best advice is to not go looking for these things. They're not human, not even a little. They're not a part of the traditional structure of law and order as we know it, they are not a part of our society, they act according to unknown motives and with deadly intent, they are willing to intimidate, manipulate, harm, and kill in order to preserve their way of life, unseen by their hosts, a myth. If one of them ever just happens upon you, you'll most likely wish it hadn't.
Uh, probably not possible to BECOME a vampire. At least not unless you're talking about the emo kids who sit at Denny's wearing all black and drinking tomato because it makes them look dangerous.
This thread needed new blood!!

Think about those Twilight (pronounce toilet) movies. Young girls love vampires! They also love that dude wearing a wig who's able to turn into a dog. Sorry, a wolf!

I'm sure a nice amount of kids are interested enough into this stuff to seriously look on the Internet to find out how to become a vampire, and if so, if they can actually become one, what do you think ?
Taylor Lautner's hair is real! It's not a wig! *runs off and cries*

Hehe, just kidding. I'll admit I read one vampire series, it wasn't Twilight. I enjoyed it because there was a lot of sex and drugs in it. My kinda book!