Hurricane Ian

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If the flooded areas can drain off in under a week, the mosquito larvae should die off before being fully developed. The wet areas will still be bad. It makes me wonder if some tropical diseases may show up in the coming weeks.

Home camping is pretty much the thing. Pick up some paper plates and plasticware if you can find it. If your neighbors aren't showering, they can't complain about you. Save the travel gasoline if you can.

Downed trees will provide firewood for the winter.

With some cardboard and foil, you can make a reflector for solar cooking. There's also the typical box with glass on top as a simple solar oven, although they don't get too hot in that configuration. If you've got some time and an internet connection, do a web search for "solar cooking". There are some neat designs out there. You might be able to make a solar still. With spotty internet, probably print the web page to PDF to save it then do some reading offline.


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I’m checking under all the uprooted trees for arrowheads. So far, nothing.
I was just thinking this lol i remember your post about looking for artifacts and i was like well with those tree's being tipped now is a great time to go look at least.


75% of the water has receded out of the woods and the county sprayed for skitters. My new hobby is walking through looking at the damage and finding various belongings. I found 2 our our spray paint cans and the knob to our flag pole yesterday, and I'm sore as hell. The animal paths are gone and I have to climb over everything. Great exercise. I can't wait until winter when I can go deeper. There are some huge trees I want to check on.