Schematics Hyper Space-Time Portal

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Found in the T.E.C. archive.

Thanks to: Adam Ruell for the info

Believe or not but while I was staying in Calgary Canada I was contacted by what I believe was an Angel. He told me that before his death he use to be a time travel physicist who was working on a fluid chamber experiment back in the mid 1960’s. He claimed that his death was brought about when one of the fluid chambers he was working on exploded. Well anyhow according to what he told me that my ideas for building a time portal was far from being perfected. He said that I was doing it all wrong and that my portal was missing some pieces. After which he then gave me the information for the construction of a time portal which he claimed would activate in less than 3 minutes provided of course that the time portal was built over a natural grid point. So basically the information which I am about to reveal was given through this angel or at least in part.

Three 8 foot x 3 inch pvc tubes
Three 7 foot x 3 inch pvc tubes
Four 3 inch in diameter pvc elbow connectors
Four 3 inch in diameter t-shaped pvc connectors
Eight 3 inch in diameter pvc caps
20 pounds of 21 gage magnet wire
One 20,000 volt teals coil
One roll of permacel tape
Two copper pyramid spark gaps
One phenolic rubbing plat or pendulum

This is a wonderful variation of a time portal, and improves a lot it's performance. As you will see on figure 1 and 2, the PVC elbow connectors are fastened to the upper left and right hand corners of each of the vertical and horizontal PVC tubes. The t-shaped PVC connectors are fastened to the bottom of each of the vertical PVC tubes to act as a support stand. As for the PVC caps, these are fastened to the ends of each of the t-shaped PVC connectors to help seal the tubular chambers.
When wrapping the tubes with the 21 gage magnet wire, make certain that the coils of wire are wrapped as close together as possible, much in the same way that you would wrap an electromagnet.

Remember! Every square inch of the time portal must be covered with wire, as well as each of the 4 elbow connectors. Also the coils of wire should be wrapped in a ascending counter-clockwise rotation, the coils on your time portal should also be wrapped in the same direction.

Once this is done, the next step to take, is to secure each row of coils with a strip of permacel tape so that the coils of wire do not become unraveled. However most any type of tape will do, but tests have shown that permacel is the best. If you have made it this far, then all you have left to do, is to hook up the 2 wires which extend from the time portal, to the brass or copper ball on top of your tesla coil. When doing this, make certain that the tesla coil is not activated, otherwise you could get shocked!!!

hyper.gif hyper2.gif

At this point it should also be mentioned, that the brass or copper spark gaps which are located inside of the tesla coil, should be replaced by a set of copper or gold pyramid spark gaps. Copper is good, but gold is the best.
When constructing these gold or copper pyramid spark gaps, the following equation should be used:

(L1/2, 1.618 = Ø)

In other words, the length of the baseline is divided by 2, and the sum of which is the multiplied by 1.618, this will give you the length from the center of the baseline to the apex for one of the 4 triangles which make up the structure of the pyramid. See below:


When using this formula the metric standard of measurement should be used. If inches are used in place of centimeters then the pyramid being used will not lock onto the zero vector. After the pyramids are built it may also be a good idea to bless each one of them with salt water, in the name of the father, son, and the holy ghost. After you have taken the necessary precautions activate the Tesla coil and while stroking the rubbing plate and at the same time adjusting the pyramid spark gaps concentrate on the following question What is the spark gap setting which will open a doorway to month, day, and year that will be accordance with the creators will? Now as soon as your fingers stick on the rubbing plate this means that the pyramid gaps are now in resonance with the zero vector or in other words thought x tuning = resonance and resonance x resonance = time. At this point you stop adjusting the pyramid spark gaps. So basically all you have left to do is to wait for the doorway to opemn up and if you done everything correctly it should activate in less than 3 minutes. In order for this time portal to be 100% affective it should be activated over a large or major grid point or in a place where ufos are sighted.
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Almost built it in the 1990's. Got the tubes, wire, Tesla coil. Built an underground artificial grid point. Gibbs says the coil wrappings have to be totally perfect. Little difficult to do on the corner joints.


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pretty sure it's in error. Need a 250,000 volt tesla coil, not 20,000 volts and I also think you need a van de graaf generator as well around the same voltage.

The original schematics I think was in the '9th key to the riddle of time'.