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Talking about timelines, Titor has alreadyaffected his timeline by coming back and going on chat rooms and now its been discussed over the internet for teh past 20yrs?

Getting an original book must be nigh on impossible or costly, is there a pdf copy of the original availble to read ?
Yeah' on timeline contamination, like sex between two people, a little flows this way and a little to the other partner, flows that way. They both get contaminated.


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I am afraid that I do not see how one could ever return to one's original timeline after leaving it (if leaving it is indeed possible.) I shall try to illustrate what I mean.

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The time traveler lives along timeline A (black line).

At point X, the time traveler goes back in time to point -X (via upper red line).

At the moment of transfer, timeline A branches off into timeline B (upper gray line) and timeline C (green line). The B timeline is that state of the universe which continues to exist after the departure of the traveler. (It may or may not be the same as timeline A.) The traveler, at point -X, will now move along the C timeline.

At point Y, the traveler goes forward in time to point +Y (via lower red line).

At the moment of transfer, timeline C branches off into timeline D (blue line) and timeline E (lower gray line). The E timeline is the state of the universe which continues to exist after the departure of the traveler. (It may or may not be the same as timeline C.) The traveler, at point +Y, then moves along the D timeline.

Red lines do not indicate timelines, but rather the instantaneous transfers of the traveler from one point to another.

I apologize both for the crudeness of the illustration and my lack of knowledge concerning these things, but it seems to me that if the act of time travel in itself changes the timeline, then our traveler can never return to his origin point.
There's one of two ways this could have happened. One is as Ttior stated on then Art Bell's website, that he, {experienced a burn-out on a component on one of the large integrated circuit boards from his GE C204 time travel unit. A poster then and there in that conversation said to him. You can probably jump the component by de-soldering and replacing the item, but make sure that you place the entire board in a low degree kitchen oven, or dummy load the board for a period of a week.

Because this is an old argument discussed by the Fabulous Pamela Moore, "who may have hidden dancing abilities" ?, what's been overlooked since then at The Time Travel Institute, is that the people who had built the unit, which was said General Electric, might have had a time travel localizer built into the GE time travel unit. **This is what many had overlooked then.

I have no idea as to whether the predicted civil to nuclear war, or other catastrophe, such as an asteroid strike, will occur yet in this timeline, or not? John Titor never called me up and asked me out on a luncheon date.


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Okay I've gone through this entire thread now.
Firstly I remember Titorite's posts on ATS. I was on ATS between 2007 and 2012.
I'm not sure if Titorite is still around here much,
but I would be interested to have an actual conversation.

March 24, 2001

JOHN TITOR: " ...However, there are a great many 'non lethal' weapon systems in development that turn out to be quite lethal. Anyone for microwave popcorn?"

(I posted much earlier, evidence about non-lethal weapons being lethal, so let me address John's remark/question about "popcorn".)
John is indirectly referring that microwave popcorn is lethal. Here's an article that confirms that. Artificial butter is used in microwave popcorn.
I'm pretty sure he's referring to microwave hazards. While I was at technical college the teachers said they had measured microwaves escaping the microwave ovens and interfering with microwave signals for televisions. The cellphone towers used in 4G operate on the same frequencies as the microwave ovens, so if you get too close to those, it can be very hazardous.
Microwaves can be used at a range, the waves are invisible to the naked eye and can cook you from the inside out. Unless directed as a beam, its effects do diminish rapidly with distance though. 5G uses "beam sweeping" and a whole pandora's box of frequency ranges.

The "Active Denial System" uses microwave weapons for "crowd dispersal"

People think its safe to hold their phones up to their heads, but it says in the phones themselves that you have to keep a minimum distance to avoid hazardous exposure.
It varies how much cellphone radiation is emitted by type of phone and other factors.

Well heck Ren, you have not heard the latest about the newer hypersonic missiles have ya? It was a recent headline in the yahoo news section and other news outlets. A hyper sonic glider icbm that can hit anywhere in the world in 5 minutes or less. To say nothing about D.E.W. intercepts.

But I was more thinking about those clusters and Titors words on it. Nukefix is an interesting site.
This is exactly the thing. Russia has now revealed and used these hypersonic missiles in the ukranian conflict. The big icbms are capable of carrying multiple warheads for simultaneous detonations like you've discovered. I remember a quote by Titor stating that most of the warheads came in threes and exploded close to the ground.

Many of us who believe John's story continue to share information, especially when new events unfold that might be related to John's forecasts/predictions. There are still many things in our future that were forecasted/predicted by John Titor, so we watch and wait for those events to unfold. When they do, we make mention of them on Paranormalis. Example: Will this lead to John Titor's forecast that Japan was "forcefully annexed" before N Day?

As a researcher, I have found very few people, perhaps a handful, who have actually researched John Titor as thoroughly as I have. In my own experiences, I found that others who had done extensive research also believe that John was a real Time Traveler.
The Japanese definitely know about the John Titor story, as evidenced by the Steins;Gate anime. I believe some there might have seen his warning about China annexation and in considering the possibility they may be able to do something about it so that either it wont happen or that if it ever does they'll be more ready for it. This goes for a lot of things Titor stated as warnings, things can now develop differently since people can take heed and do something about it. Ofcourse, some things may be difficult to deal with.

Watching events as the years go by...it seems to me that we are about 5 years behind the events that led to a Civil War on John Titor's Timeline. (This is because the Y2K event was prevented on our Timeline. John altered events on our Timeline.)

I don't know if this will alter the general time frame when a Nuclear War will happen on our Timeline. It happened in 2015 on John's Timeline. On ours, it could happen some time between 2015 and 2020 (but I'm still going with 2015 until I see how fast or slow changes happen in our World Line). I could be wrong, but it's too early to tell.
From John Titors point of view, the divergence would increase more with time, the longer he'd stay here. So the "lag" will keep changing. Some events were set in motion a long time ago and they may be very difficult to stop given the specific worldline branch.

ALSO!!!!! He always said he needed a tweaked model. Something too many people gloss over. John Titor did not just travel world lines for an Old Computer. He traveled world lines so that he could have a personalized old computer.... because his grand dad and him needed the IBM 5100 to have a few tweeks and alterations to suit Johns' purpose.
Yeah, the IBM 5100 was tweaked for translating between programming languages. This is a pretty nifty feature which may have numerous applications. I noticed APL has its own symbols.

Titor said:
"There is a bit of folklore about the first distortion driver who reaches a destination with a zero divergence. This would mean they had traveled on a space-like trip to their own worldline of origin. This paradox is quite possible although highly unlikely. I wonder if anyone out there can take current string theory and make that one work on paper?" and
You stated you went back in time from 2036 to 1975 with a near 2 percent divergence. You also said that a zero divergence is a myth or technologically improbable.
Yes, a “ZD” is thought to be impossible. However, consider that an exact entry point “may” not be necessary to get home. The important factor is the path, not the destination. Under multiple world theory, there are an infinite number of “homes” that I could return to that don’t have me there. The divergence for that window is somewhere near .0002377%.

The thing is, there would be no paradox. Zero divergence is mathematically possible. Even in 2000 years, someone will figure out how to get there with the proper technology.
A kind of magic happens with zero divergence, it all falls into place. Important factor is the path. The percentage is merely a difference between pathways. My path may be different from someone else's path. Consider the mandela effects, are we remembering other world lines? Thus, the path of a zero divergence is then the same path as has been traversed before, but then you'd need some way to quantify where you've been, otherwise you'd most likely end up on some other path that looks almost the same.

Ok without going trough 47pages, did JT predict that 2038 would be an issue like Y2K ? or was this known to many before he started blogging ?
There's the Unix bug.. It may have been mentioned in relation to the Y2K bug. I vaguely remember it, but I haven't gone deep into the Titor postings recently so I'm not sure if it was mentioned by Titor or the ones asking the questions (or if it was mentioned then at all).