I am Michael Marcum and I am alive and well.

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I read about the story and dived in a little to see how true some (or most) of it was. Not here to ruffle any feathers (nor is that my intention) but to be blunt, we have as much proof that this is really you as we do that you disappeared and time traveled to die in 1930. For those of us who seriously investigate and research the paranormal and things like UFO's, alternate realities and so on, anyone who's done it for any length of time knows there exists a group inside the hierarchy whose purpose is nothing more than to sway public opinion or push specific narratives, and discredit those who discover certain things. Every social site has been infiltrated to some extent by certain three-letter agencies (the "controllers" if you will), from Reddit to Twitter to Facebook and especially sites like Above Top Secret and a few influential UFO/paranormal channels on Youtube. In the past people have impersonated Bob Lazar to discredit him, as example.

There was an article which said that you started a Gofundme in 2016- the article then stated the link was dead and the Facebook page (yours presumably) no longer existed. Since there isn't much in the way of "official" articles to go on, my question would be, did you do a Gofundme, and do you have anything which would prove you started the Gofundme, or some other way to solidify your identity in the thread?

Again if you were able to prove who you are further in some way it would be beneficial to the many die-hard truth-seekers in the world such as myself (and shouldn't be difficult to do). It would also help bolster the credibility of this thread. Thanks


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Ahhh yes i remember this, i went down the rabbit hole not too long ago after listening to a old coast to coast, the man who jumped into a self created electric wormhole to supposidely vanish after taking thousands from investers.

Only to come back years later with no memory of where he went, who his investors were, where the land was with his shop, how he built it etc etc Basically abadoning all his investors and everything he built after running off with a bunch of money just to come back and ask for more.