I Have A Very Bad Headache- Finalized


Oct 5, 2017
JUST TO EXPLAIN: My headache pertained to Time Travel

F**Kin hurray wow omg freaking out here........I woke up @ 10:51 PM eastern time USA and just like that, NO MORE HEADACHE, in fact NO ACHES, NO CONFUSION, THE WHOLE DEAL...YAYYYYYYY.

This is amazing But I had an OBE (OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE) in dream state. I know the exact location I was at, it was sunny, around 2pm-5pm, I suddenly appeared walking away from a wall, stopped and looked back to see the solid wall, its was next to this tunnel, it was on the right side of the tunnel (which is also still there).
I had a cheap fishing rod and reel,but no bait. I was instructed, by thought, to go across the road towards the wall of the Edgar Thompson Steel Mill. I said for some reason " I have no bait!!! " then I looked down and seen a golden yellow piece of popcorn and thought "yeah right , this will float and then melt " and more or less was laughed at in my thoughts. I literally floated an inch or 2 up and across the road, but seemed not to be focused on the levitation,I felt as it was like already natural to me. Well I get to the wall and it turns into a a 4-5 foot wall and may have been about 8-10 feet down, and about 8 foot across and 10 foot wide, empty, with a few puddles and mostly mud. I was told to just cast the the line, so I basically let out line and threw the line 3-4 feet in front of me downward where I seemed to focus on this popcorn in the mud, which was strange.
Just then People started showing up going about there business, maybe about 20 people in this whole location. OK just bare with me, I'll tell you why later.

OK as my line was in the mud these two very tall men like 10 foot tall, thin, great physical condition, with like khaki docker pants and collared casual white shirts on, Well they showed up and one stood on my left and the other on my right. Nothing was said and I was very irritable about it all for some reason, these men were very much in my personal space. I looked over my right shoulder and seen what seemed to be and old crude wooden newsstand that sold coffee, snack, papers of course, and women sitting there, different ages and colors , I perceived they were hanging out waiting for school buses to come drop off their children from school and were gossiping as I was able to start hearing the sounds around me.

Everything seemed as it was catching up in time with me, if you can understand that. My only brother that is still alive and about 4 years older, was always a douche-bag and started acting like a douche, lol. He was there to fish apparently also but of course he ended up running down these concrete steps on my right and into this muddy wet area, he started to run toward the wall and a concrete doorway with a rounded top doorway was there and he ran into it and to the right acting like a jackass and just disappeared.

(As soon as I can maybe even today if it gets sunny out, I'm going to video where I was and take pictures of everything I am describing. Though I'm a tiny bit scared)

OK well in this doorway there were 3 passage ways, right, left and straight concrete walkway that went sorta up hill. It was hard to see inside.I was looking down on it.

These three teenage girls I guess about 18-19 years old were coming down this road to my left, they were singing like cheerleaders and laughing, one did somersaults and fell on her butt and they were laughing just being silly. The 3 girls went down the steps and the one girl started to go right inside the doorway and the somersault girl said "Hey [girls-name] we are going to "ELIZABETH" ,
"ELIZABETH" Is a name of a town near PGH.PA., I never been there nor know its exact location.
and they went left.I was clearly hearing male and female voices around me at this time, I can't remember the name the girl called her girlfriend clearly because it became noisy.
So as more and more people showed up to "FISH"????, they started to talk among each other up and down this wall area.
The Tall men who were there the entire time I noticed casted out there lines and the man to my left had 7 lines coming out of the top of his rod, each separate line was connected together using 12 inch smaller "FISHING LEADERS", the lines were all perfectly tight, in perfect parallel to the doorway.

At this time in my thoughts I was told very calmly / nicely " NOW YOU UNDERSTAND " . Then I turned around floated back across the road, went thru the the wall ( which again was normal to me )put my fishing rod in the trunk of my car and can hear in my head, my mother telling my brother "PUT HIM IN THE ALUMINUM BED, HE'LL BE ASLEEP IN 20 MINUTES". Then Woke up really quick seen 10:51pm on my clock and voice recorded all of this so I wouldn't forget. Realized I felt very much in a good state of being with no signs of headache or anything confusing or achy, a really wonderful feeling.

From what I understood, I have been looking too hard primarily into one thing that was really not a big deal and I'll casually come into everything at a pace and I needed to chill out.
At the same time I need to crawl before I am able to walk but it will happen in the same way a baby learns how things are done.
Plus I was driving myself crazy trying to find the answers too fast, but I will get it. I do understand the message inside of me in more depth that cant be explained.

OK This will be probably be my last long post. I will be recording my experiences only unless something happens big, lol.

Thank you for baring with me. This is what I perceive, I understand my question has been answered. You may interpret it differently but there is no need to question me about anything because it is all me and what my understanding is. You have your own perceiving about yourself to do. I was merely sharing an experience.
Thank you for your Time understanding, Patients and my long postings. I am now finished. I wish you all a great experience. I will always be around for any opinion from me that may help.

This is a wonderful place and we have are all very unique, special in our own way and our own purpose that fits into a much larger overall picture. bye now
P.S.--- Let me just add I am still going to be active here, but I'm not going to be so detailed in my experiences as I have been. I feel it may be too much that I write may seem irrelevant to many people or cause confusion. THESE ARE JUST MY EXPERIENCES I AM SHARING. I'm still participating without a doubt.
So I want to apologize for that. I enjoy it here and I feel I need to be here. It's like I found a CYBERHOME(y)
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Jul 25, 2013

"Health benefits of red rooibos tea include its use as a cure for nagging headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness, hypertension, allergies, and premature aging. ... Rooibos tea or red tea is a medicinal, herbal beverage that is acquired from the Aspalathus linearis bush plant that is found in South Africa."

Let's see, I have headaches, asthma, sensitive skin, increased blood pressure (high but not yet "too high"), and allergies. I think this is definitely worth trying. Thanks, bud.


III oculis videt
Sep 12, 2017
I have been drinking it for about 10 years now.>)

One tip, the tea in the bags is not as good as the loose tea. But thats normal i suppose
for all teas.