I own one quarter of the grays aliens on Earth

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The giant spermatozoa I passed while urinating. I'm not making this up and they weren't parasites, but I passed what looked like two giant spermatozoa that were black. This was about a month or so ago.

The length of these were about an inch long with the head of the sperm being about half the size of a grain of rice. The tails made the length one inch long. They flushed out with my urine while going to the bathroom and I did not know what to do when I saw them in the toilet bowl.

I heard that the people then were giant and what I'm thinking is that the effect from seeing Vader was so strong, that part of my anatomy reverted and my testies just made two giant sperm.

Each made their appearance at different dates, but both in the toilet bowl. I kind of freaked when I saw them and looked closely at them before flushing. I know now that I was Lord Vader, I had to be.