I published a book for atheists: "Religion for Skeptics: An Ex-Atheist's Guide to Spirituality"


Hi, @Num7 gave me the go-ahead to post about my new book here. The book is titled "Religion for Skeptics: An Ex-Atheist's Guide to Spirituality". And as the title suggests, it's an introductory and explanatory guide on religion and spirituality specifically for atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and so forth. I'm an ex-atheist myself, and approach the topic through that lens and angle. So skepticism, focusing on evidence, arguments, and observations, and so on is the approach used here.

In the book I walk through dismantling "atheistic faith" (blind faith assumptions common to the secular materialist and atheist view), along with building up religion and spirituality step by step. I go over the soul and spirit, the afterlife (specifically reincarnation), the gnostic demiurge, and indeed God himself. I also address quite a few of the common arguments i see presented as apologetics by theists, as well as the atheist rebuttals, and give my takes as to why both tend to be faulty.

The arguments, line of thought and reasoning, observations, and general approach I use towards religion and spirituality is entirely novel and new, and it's one I don't see anyone presenting in these sorts of discussions. As such, I'm sure anyone, including both atheists and theists, will be able to enjoy the book and come away with some new ways of thinking about things.

I also detail my religious and spiritual journey in the book, going from a militant anti-theist atheist, to a Christian Gnostic and idealist. Gnosticism, while it's the religion I am now a part of, isn't emphasized, though the views and arguments do lean in that direction.

I hope you'll all check it out and maybe post some reviews and let me know what you think. I'm also happy to discuss anything in the book here and on the discord server as well. You can message me @April#5244.

You can buy the book on amazon here. eBook is $4.99, free on kindle unlimited. Paperback is ideally being released on monday for $11.99.