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Feb 24, 2019
I posted this event online back when it happened but I don't remember where. Maybe people will find it interesting and I'll try to keep it brief.

Years ago (15?), my boss sent me down the Jersey shore with a co-worker to pick up a huge tiger statute which was a gift for his friend's friend. We left and I was driving south down the NJTPK near Newark Airport, it was a sunny, cloudless clear day. As we passed the airport we saw a line of planes coming in for a landing all in a row like bulbs on a string of Christmas lights and it looked like they weren't even moving even with us heading toward them. Then a few more planes as we headed south. Not long after passing the airport I saw the sun glint off something way off in the distance to the left of the northbound side of the highway and thought to myself it's another plane. I was about to look away but something was odd. Then I though, ah, it's a helicopter. But it didn't have to rotor on top, I though What the f--- is that??? It was coming up FAST following the northbound land like a bat out of hell on a frozen rope - a big (About the size of a helicopter) silver sphere.
It zipped passed us and I yelled (in an unusually high voice), Bob what the f--- was that!!!? He yelled back, I don't know!!!!
It was a silver sphere about the size of a helicopter and I turned my head to watch it zip passed so it wasn't that high up. It did not wobble, spin, shake - it was just zooming passed like a cruise missile heading north.
After we saw it the radio played nothing but static for a while (I know- classic UFO stuff - I almost left that part out but it's true). He said he saw it cross the highway from the right and then headed north. So he was watching it longer than I was watching it. I watched the news and checked the papers and nothing. And there were a lot of people on the highway they had to see it. I guess they were afraid to be called kooks.
Today there would be so many videos - even with it going that fast - but we didn't even have a cell phone.
I checked for military bases and there was one in the general direction it came from and I have always thought it was a government surveillance device. And it could have been considering what is just a toy today: