If There Were no Karmic Illnesses

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Carl Miller

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Feb 27, 2014
@Carl=’If there were no karmic illnesses to be worked out by the reincarnated entity the karmic law would not exist and we would be justified in denying the impartiality of providence and we would be led to doubt the impersonal nature of the cosmic laws?'

Clarifying the assertion= If one retained the use of nearly all one’s spirit faculties one’s normal condition would be that of our clairvoyant in their lucid state the soul, jiva, would be reincarnated immediately after its separation from the body undergoing physical death obviously.
master of a higher degree can choose to reincarnate immediately as soon as his physical body is dead. He may even let their disciples know where he will be born, under what conditions and circumstances he can be found leaving definite marks in his infant body to be recognized and taken to the monastery to be brought up and educated as a child so that he may go on his mission from the starting point of his previous incarnation.
event is extremely rare, but no wonder that It has happened among Tibetans. Why we cannot accomplish this feat? The corporeal matter in our world is gross, it is a veil that impairs our past life’s memories and there’s a wide gap between the differences in vibrations, our corporeal world vibrates extremely low compared to the high frequencies of the perispirit- the true body of the spirit .
, most of us still have to release negative karma from the past and will have to undergo trials. There are three ways of releasing bad karma= physical illnesses, mental diseases and following one’s personal mission in life. There is no doubt that a NDE is a transformative event in one’s life. What we forget is that it can also leave scars. Sure that a NDEr will state that it has been worth it to undergo such a trial for subsequent advantages. Have you ever thought of the possibility of not necessarily have to go through a NDE if you would be following your true mission in life since the beginning? Isn’t there a possibility the NDE would serve for the purpose of helping the individual to reset his path in life?
The outcome of a NDE as unconditional service to mankind will furnish the individual with merit and good karma that like a chain reaction will lead him to positive conditions in the current incarnation or in the subsequent ones, cause we forget there is also good karma.
is no indulgence out of praying, one will reap what one has planted. Praying can help someone to stand his trial, to aid him in being more docile and humble towards the impersonal laws of nature. The soul in the interval between successive incarnations aspires after a new destiny, it waits in a state of expectancy –it is called wandering spirit.
Strictlyspeaking, there are no fixed limits to the period of wandering. A spirit is always enabled sooner or later to start a new existence whose purpose is to release karma purifying itself from its preceding existences or performing its true mission in life undergoing the collective karma due to the inferiority of our globe.
spirit may choose to remain in the wandering state to pursue studies so that it can help it performing more effectually their individual mission in the following incarnation.

Note_ NDE_ (near death experience)