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Dec 22, 2015
IF, Time exists all at the same moment ie past, present and future all exist and are preset. Is it possible to send 'physical' or 'digital' messages from the future into the past or is it only possible to send confused, mixed up metaphors via lucid dreaming/astral projection/OBE.

My own personal view on time is that it doesn't travel in a linear trajectory but spirals in on itself in all directions often bumping into itself (deja vu) and occasionally splintering off (time slips, time loops). Originally the passage of time was an exponentially large arc but as it has moved on the spiral gets tighter and tighter, which in turn will lead to more and more anomalies (portals, wormholes)

Eventually time will wind itself so tight that it will fracture and shatter completely leading to the above scenario when everything exists all at the same 'now'

I'm hoping this makes sense to someone and they can put some meat on the bones and explain it better than me :)