I'm Back Freedom Fighters!!!!

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I'm Back Freedom Fighters!!!!

Sorry for the long hiatus my Agents...I have been very busy with a current project at work........Nonetheless your fearless leader has returned. I see that the Conspiracy section is moving along.....thanks should be given to DarkBreed. Back to matters at hand.....I will be posting a major announcement this week. I can't give ya much on it right now...but I will say that it is BIG. All I can say right now is to watch the news my friends. That being said.....It is my hope that the current level of command has stayed in place in my absence. You know who you are. For those of you who are in the realm of gaming...as I am.....I also have news. I have first-hand information on the new PS3. You heard it right folks....the PS3. See me in the chat room on Tuesday at 10:00 P.M for more information. I will also be discussing info on other topics of interest. Keep up the work Agents....The voice of the many will topple any government.

Your TTF F.F & C.O: ZeoEmeraude
*<span style='color:deepskyblue'>Only YOU can stick it to \"The Man\" </span>


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Re: I'm Back Freedom Fighters!!!!

Sounds great Zeo. Glad to see you back. You might want to set up alternate plans to the chat room, life AIM or YIM. The chat room is not working due to some security software upgrade at the server, making the chatroom software non-functional. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the problem is being worked on.