I'm walking with ghosts


Sep 20, 2017
I have always stressed that there are good and evil, for example, and that we have to follow them.

I saluted a few people or gave them a radius around them where nothing bad, sick or fatal would happen to them, but I also murdered them, even though I did not even touch them and the time I did not even perceive .

These mortals who were abusing me in any way died in unclear reasons.
The problem is that I have the feeling that I am not alone when I move into the fifth dimension or exit to the breath that I have hinterlands there because of my inexplicable higher energy level so far and that other energies are subordinated to me.

I think that no one can physically or in any way abuse the enriched soul because it always stinks from the dark back into the body and out of the body back into the rainbow of energies.

My personal research:

The first thing that oppl.energy enters is always in the living body, usually in the child's, because this unblemished body does not ask what has happened to it: it thinks it's part of the childhood of growing up and the parents will regulate (of course, if the child tells them)
To be the real candidate for the entry of foreign energy, it was in my memory that as a child every night when I fell asleep I walked from my body up the stairs to the main exit from the house, where I always saw two to three ghosts, and then I I scared and jumped back to my body, where I was thinking about what was happening to me.
This never ended until I got a light shock shock on this path, which came in my brainis made into the body.
I assume that this was the reincarnation of foreign energy, which immediately took over the management of my body, and she also wondered where it actually was, what happened to her.
I assume that I already live in a third body, all of which repeats with a rather different fate, but all over the same time period.

When I step out of the body, I have control of my energy and also a part with the body I leave. My body is old paralyzed and with the child's mind and memories of that day when the intruder entered the body (I intruder I am the present)
Due to partial consciousness of the body, I saw the leap of my energy back to the body (literally)

One night I felt that someone was shaking my body while I was sleeping. In my childhood, I always fell in love with my brothers, and before I saw that my energy was shaking, I told my brother to stop, that I could not be ravaged. (The energy was in the form of a non-skinned skin with migrating cellular plasma, as the man on whom the bee was born, and covered it completely, everything was migrating, it was brown in color, where the eyes were empty cavities, no ears, and sexual Organ.)

Sometimes I begin to pull my body out of bed often at night, and when the instant the waking spirit jumps back into the body.

My findings:

Every person lives his life from birth to death. When he dies he finds himself at the time of his birth; Although it can move is the same as a tree that dies in the same soil where it began to grow.
Because from the past, as elasticity, the time is moving into the future, only each time is important for every living being. All the rest is the measured time for things that have not yet happened, born or appeared.

Many things are present or existing from the past, and all of us pursue it as if we are dragging the past behind us, but we rotate in a circle like a snake biting its tail.
Every one of them regardless of the time of birth.

It's hard to argue with different souls!

Someone is poisoned with God.
Someone is hooked with eastern unrealistic virtuals.
Somebody is poisoned with a scary.

All this cover is partially acceptable, but only the truth must be experienced by man, which is not possible because most of the born people do not perceive changes in sleep or awake.
They simply can not decipher the moments that are happening to him, let alone when he leaves or dies. It looks like they are bodies that are available for eternal souls.

The biggest problem is that young people want to discover this paranormal mystery by themselves, thereby gaining experience or theories on different paths. When you are young, you do not have developed parts in your head or brain, such as perception, perception, vision, Inference, modified scent receptors (after a sharp smell you can detect that you are not alone in the room or outside) orientation in the dark,

The old saying says that before you die, your whole life movie turns back, (they say it)
This is partly true because I'm telling you to return just before death back to the time of birth.

It may be that many individuals are caught together with forced soul energy, but they will not find this until death.
Dementia will never be treated with medication or therapy, since such cases are only the early departure of the worms. Souls from the stolen body, but man was not aware of this.
He did not realize this because he was burdened with perhaps a religion that does not describe or allow such thinking.

To be continued:
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Sep 20, 2017
Reincarnation of human energy (soul):

The contact that happens with reincarnation is always out of the body; this means that the eternal, complete or enlightened soul merges with the other soul without the physical body, and with the young soul of the young human body, which is not knowing what is going on in the body during sleep is it happening or is it just a dream or an attempt to move to the fifth dimension.

How to distinguish ordinary dreams or passage or walking in 5.D .:

Repetitive dream 5.D;
These dreams surround your closeness, where you are, say, your room, where you sleep or the surroundings of your home, or where to go, but this experience happens in the perspective of a bird's flight or floating.

5.D Dream, where you are aware and hear that you speak, not that your neighbor tells you that you are talking in a sleep (the speech is similar, as if it is very difficult to pronounce syllables of words, it sounds like you do not have a language and a vocabulary.)

You float in the space, you observe 5.D: even when you see something and look twice, you see the same scene (usually in ordinary dreams you see only too short short duration.)
When you turn on the light switch, you can not see the light; (in ordinary dreams, you see the light, you do not give it special meaning, because this light does not originate from some photons, and you perceive it as the illuminated background of the dream itself.)

The person in sleep dreams only a few seconds, and the memory of what he dreamed is very short, he can only remember the dream if he immediately registers it in memory after waking up.

My opinion is that man and his physical body are only a refuge for souls in one way or another, but the way of thinking of newly born souls no longer exceeds, as if they do not get to know 5.D because they have enough work with themselves, they they do not deepen into all the details of their consciousness.
There is also a misconception of some theories of people linked to various religions and deceit from the side of some spiritual addicts who are not and will never win 5.D.

Usually, all discoveries are quite simple and they are not embedded in any unfinished philosophy.
Here is the question only, are you or not a candidate to go to 5.D. Have you managed to discover all your angles of consciousness?

To be continued :


Sep 20, 2017
Ghost hunters where I live are behind me for 150 years.
They do not know that it is paranormally the first form of life on earth, and the physical body is a slave.
I am personally convinced that I already live twice in another physical body, and that is what I remember.
I have the feeling that I am not the creature of this time that other people live or from this planet.
My mother always told me not to speak out loud that other people would not laugh at me.

When I saw my spirit outside my body, it was similar to some creature ET, it floats and moves with incredible speed.
In my opinion, the contact or fusion back into the body after the weight of the pressure was 20 decagrams.

When people around the world see the spirit in their vicinity and are in some kind of paralysis, they can see their conquering spirit and can not explain it, they live their first life.

I walk with ghosts:To be continued:


Sep 20, 2017
All this ignorance creates fantasy and easiest way is to say, when nothing you do not know and do not understand and you do not know, farther away from you as long as possible in just a vast space, you create a table and the scale itself intelligence which will once at such a level that It will soon burst, and the best thing is to burst somewhere in the galaxy. Everything is here now and understand how to place, talking about posmrtnosti and our souls, it is happening here around us, in the immediate vicinity and there will come a time when we evolution gained back the lost sense and know what is happening with us themselves.
Animals in this sense is not lost, and are only blocked the evolutionary age prior to extinction.
Specific energy, which forms the consciousness of the body and released into the atmosphere, "only to control rational intelligence", I call it refined soul is "almost immortal" .Redko happens that they do not maintain for eternity, only to itself this not aware of what it means to its existence and what it is at this stage "floating" ?; mind begins only in the body with the help of the brain, but the brain itself does not permit, due to the collapse of these in insanity.

Sometimes only memory glimpses of trying to convince the man that he had already once somewhere to live, everything else depends on the human brain and which parts of the brain are developed for such sprejemanja.Vsaki brain is unique, although massive learning some skills for all the same, but each person can create their own opinion.

The first was a simple innate soul as any in the birth of the body, from here on in it is no longer empathize or extinction, because you lose cunningly replaced with another existing soul energy, which does not need to be refined, sometimes trying to get in the body of man with a pre-existing soul, and if you leave 'that the human spirit is more labile is intertwined with her and makes, as to not even smuggling and that it never existed.

The energies which are repaid or converted into its prvotnost; but they are energy, which under no circumstances can no longer approach your constant source and continue and develop its inteligenco.Med this latter being refined soul, but not human, as an independent unit of the Intelligent Space; people only used for quenching their identity because for once the most suitable.

Electronic equipment to investigate paranormal does not give the right rezultatov.Merjene voltage respectively. activity in the atmosphere may be questionable, because already those measured by means walking around the room thereby releasing various voltages, which are released into the environment itself, such as anxiety, fever, and through this so-called physical aura.

Man does not know or are not aware of all their releases, for example, that the second stop in a place where it wraps complexion, continues through the room when it returns to the previous position by measuring an activity which immediately connects with supernatural phenomena.

It could be that this phenomenon has left his body due to some physical activity, such as strong razmišljanje.Obstaja two types of thoughts release into the atmosphere, such as loud thinking mind where you say out loud or silently thinking, where we let more imagination and it's over telepathic thoughts.

Those spirits that you seek are also confused as you perceive something but do not know how to distinguish and link between them and you is not feasible, and this is due to the diversity of matter your mental impulse connections with thy senses and their spiritual clusters.

At the junction of two worlds there is a line where the blending of reality and spiritual energy as something which is not possible to establish the only particles that are on the border somehow blend with each other and make us curious.
Where there is power to the intermingling of herself going on some sort of friction, and this friction is happening already initiated in the human cognitive impulse, which is released from the brain itself is not necessary, however, that this idea is converted through the vocal cords, which turns into glasove.Energijsko action is triggered.

These pulses can be somewhat soaked with space or object may some time be floating in space, and then become illusory.
You imagine an act such as in the kitchen, but when you get into the other room to forget what you wanted at all, simply return to the place where he imagined this action and immediately accept your rollover mental impulse, and there remember.

This time trapping energy into the environment caused by the thought of paranormal close encounters with ghosts, may be, however, that without this energy, I would not be able to live so connected as we live; in the meantime would have too infertile mental spaces forgetfulness.

The soul's energies are just energy, which may be incurred directly by itself but may be due to its over intelligence transformed into a constant shape of the human body in the form of a mist that is noticeable is connected with the rest of the energy area, absorb heat, thus causing a re-friction energies but energies opposability, which can lead to this energy is visible and to make space cool.

As I said, we're creating or contact with very intelligent ennobled soul energy, which has yet to us unexplored power but only in its world energy.

The boundary between listening and seeing associated with our brains, because we do not accept any trapped pulse energy as easily could be transferred to all this živžava.

Recordings on audio devices can detect a variety of delayed sounds voki- talkies, children bebifone; sounds, which do not vanish and literally compounded by the atmosphere and took place many years ago and are inaudible to our ears.
The votes of the radio or brain thinking pulses vary between sabo.Razlika between the two is that the sound of the radio plain recorded voice broadcast over the airwaves, via radio trapped in speaker.

These radio waves man does not accept or hear without a device such as a radio receiver hears only a slight whistling present wave.

Radio waves, for example, once Hitler's speech on the radio to catch you with a little less than the speed of light somewhere deep in space, since these waves travel at no finality.

Thought impulses are different waves and have a limited path of movement can never travel through a vacuum or through vesolje.Premikajo on the way telepathy and literally, as something alive, invisible, but still unreachable for stunted human hearing range, which is man lost through evolution, they remained with only 30-40% range animal, because the animal is all this movement of soul energies of a few pure vsakdanjega.Dog perceives this soul whispers and their movement the same way as reads the mood of his master.

Answers to questions in the area depended on the location? Contacts with the soul's energies for the time of physical life, or vice versa, is located at the existing border, where these two phenomena slightly overlap each other, both as a researcher goal of energy in terms of what makes sense only for the duration of the physical life, this question does not make sense for spiritual time.

Energy soul set has built-in still-programmed experience and mental flashbacks from the time of physical life and usually because of threats release contact the mental impulses, which can also be hostile or contain unease before the appearance, which are perceived as an energy, which interferes with his space, because he does not see the interviewer, as the human body but as an energy cell like him.


Sep 20, 2017
A source of uninterrupted light (its initial activation, constant time, let's say the light of a planet) ------- seen in a later period somewhere distant means - light is seen in time. Whether or the pulse of light that travels and leaves behind its contradiction, which is called the "theme", and this darkness moves away from the light wave in the opposite direction, that is, it approaches the source of the initial constant time of this wave of light, but when the "topic" "passes by the constant, it is practically approaching wave of light and pursues it.

TIME; (the constant time of a certain period, say the period of dinosaurs.) ------- viewed, or surviving in a later period somewhere, means - to spend time, or what time leaves behind, and this is the aging that happened from the constants to the present. The opposite of time could have been then, the opposite of aging, and this is rejuvenation.
You can see the source of light, but you can not see the source of the time, you only see the remains of the time that he left behind.
Aging, let's say it travels from left to right and leaves behind rejuvenation or youth, which, from aging, moves in the opposite direction from right to left and, like light, this rejuvenation is closer to the constant of that period, and because it does not stop during this period Constants then practically pursue aging.

And this circulation should be a worm or bending of time, the only problem is to do it in the physical world, that is, this blame can only occur in the spiritual world, when the human soul has the option or choice to remain in the spiritual world or to enter the physical world.

Traveling through time but in the direction of aging and not holding water is an example;
Person A and person B are of the same age and travel. Person A travels at a luminous speed in a particular direction and in about one second makes about 220000 km. In this time it is set to stand for one second.
Person B travels at a walking speed and comes to a destination older than his friend in a couple of years, which means that when they get at the target point both are the same old because person A was waiting for B. for a couple of years.
That is, both are the same old, so that this is then considered in the eternal journey of the speed of light, which has nothing to do with deceiving the laws of time and aging, or with this theory, to skip the possibility of traveling to different periods.
So such journeys are possible only during the period of human energy (soul) in the second state, and this state is, the archival time, the state of the cosmic spiritual intelligence.

Parallel dimensions do not exist: there is only foreignness and overseasness. Parallel dimensions are only the fruit of human fantasy and you can not feel this dimension or reality in a life that you feel you feel only in the archival time, where you can travel to the past or the future.


Sep 20, 2017
------ What is paranormal for some is just the truth ------

After the death of man, his consciousness is removed from the body. Each energy consciousness of each cell stays in place and all as a whole go away from the dead body. Still, they form a distorted foggy visual image of the one who had this consciousness in himself as his own soul energy.
From here on, the consciousness of an individual is still alive, but without a physical body, as a man without a body, one could say the spirit.

At this stage, the spirit no longer knows that there is a physical life, this memory fades. So, as well as some do not believe that there is a parallel of life in the form of ghosts or life after life.
All these forms of the minds of humans and animals are always present in the environment where a person lives, except that he does not perceive it, unless the pursuit of some exile and interference with it and in some way stimulates the soul energy to pursue it, because it is also the soul a new outcome for a new acquaintance of an unknown.

When a person loses or cuts his leg in an accident, these cellular energies in no way detract from the whole of human consciousness, stay in the place where they were.
They still function and perform a function without this leg, and this is on commands from the center of the brain. Therefore, a person occasionally feels pain in the removed leg. This consciousness leaves the body completely when it is completely dead. The bodies of the body are only the body leading the body and some type converter antimatter in consciousness.

When you die after a light niche you find yourself abroad, where there is no matter at least in hard form, you can call it antimatter.
When choosing a niche to reintroduce into the physical world, which can be the same period as in the previous life. So, from the survival of the future, the past you return to the past, or the future for you.

When you realize yourself in a certain body, you have to reconsider yourself first as a soul. Sometimes, through the realization of this consciousness, you feel that you have somehow experienced this to know the place, even though you have never been there to do something which is very well known to you, in short, with the help of meditation, these memorial impressions are so frequent that you simply begin to think in the direction of uninterrupted living with the spaces of the entrance into different bodies and periods. Soul - energy

Each cell in the body has its own specific location and function to fill the mosaic of the human body, the cell is an independent living unit, and when a person dies, the unit gradually dissolves cellular energy, but with all other cell energies, it is released into the atmosphere, so the ghost the impression that a fuzzy duplicate is removed from the dead body.

Departing from the body is done by some telepathic connection. All these energies of the consciousness of the named soul continue to have a connection due to dependence and the very nature of this energy, because the energy of the human eye or heart valve is completely different, but they are completely dependent on one another. the soul is released into the atmosphere, as a loud or thought-provoking thought or command of the brain, is held for a while in the vicinity of the body, and slowly begins to move away.

You begin to roll out an object, but when you get there, where you should forget about the path, what you are looking for. You return back where you thought of this thought in the atmosphere, but you immediately recall that this mental energy was still in the atmosphere and you read it immediately. There is nothing else but knowledge, the wisdom of thinking, the command, even those whose brains themselves regulate and do not burden you with it.
The body with the soul is like a factory where each cell has its own task and work; it is also interesting that the two are not exactly the same, and its newborn twins, due to some influence and the later date of reconstruction, are not exactly identical.
Every renewal is made from a copy, and each subsequent copy is of lower quality, and therefore man is old. All these soul journeys and their preservation in full, gives the soul power and more possibilities to survive. When it decides to go into the dimension archival time, but the period of reincarnation begins, and if she chooses a good time niche with a quiet period it is so much better for her.
Lost soul;
She is unknowingly unknowable or unable to contact archival time.
Shared soul;
It takes more or less foreign energy to fill the missing space.
Forced soul;
we implant in the body, where the soul is already called, that man has two faces and souls, one is dominant.
A soul-searching soul;
travels between physical and archival time and usually travels to its collapse.
The thieves of the souls;
You can not steal perfect souls, but if you show that you are weak, they steal soulful energy through your sleep and literally suck you. There are soul-shaped forms, these are simple souls that rely on the basis of opposition. Man would not know what it is good if you do not know what is bad. Being very good is the opposite, it is very evil. There are demons in the form of half a man and half an animal (such creatures were real, some lived at the time of entering and playing with genetic experiments from the side of the newcomers.Si has also created some such creatures, because of their defects, to stick to where it is not his place.
When such a creature dies, it usually can not reincarnate, it only increases with the various energies of human souls. Also, when you think that someone is watching you. Just as we live in this world with our abilities and instincts, so the souls live their lives and They do not interfere with ours until you bring them out and you want to contact them.

Invalid soul or broken; Keeping all the soul energies of the whole body is the basis for rehikarnation, because if you do not have these advantages in the new body, you have the whole soul as an invalid and preference (there are other words for substitute "disabled", but I find this word the best suitable.)
Even in the body with the signs of Down's syndrome, the whole soul is free from error, the problem is only in the body itself and the brain.
The developed soul (that is, integral, which has preserved all the sister energies) in the new body is not fully active (smart), it is educated in parallel with the development of the brain. However, at the beginning, they are not just empty disks with no content. they are activating the activity of the child, such as walking and talking, for the opening of the memory, which once used to do it all (for example, walking, giving it a little bit and starting with the left and right and walking.)

The human soul can come into a male or female body; there is no limit, but it can not be in the body of the animal, because all the cells of the soul, as independent ones, take up their own space where they once functioned and function. The heart cell does not take the place somewhere in the leg, because it's not programmed there.
There are also people who claim to say, Example; someone claims that his leg is not his, and since his birth, he was superfluous, most likely he would like to get rid of it. This case is typical of the soul, who lost part of the cellular souls of the legs abroad due to the failure of his whole body, the shape remained disabled and intertwined with other souls and energies, shared soul cells are accidentally knife souls of other human beings in order to fill their space and survive as part of the whole.

Souls are not spacecraft or source; only the souls of which act in the atmosphere, they do not function in vacuum, and they dissolve; vacuum is an area where souls do not survive. Therefore, no soul has traveled from another planet and settled in the body of the earth. in conditions that are created for the life of their vehicles or bodies.

The soul uses its own intelligence to increase its intelligence, only the body and the brain, and obtains all of its sophisticated evolution to the fullest only through the brain center, which works with the rest of the body cells, and acts as a bird of fights or fish that are telepathically connected to change the direction.

The earth souls have at their disposal a human body as a vehicle through the physical time of existence, which is not created for the deeper development of intelligence, since the structure of the body does not allow such development. Our bodies are like a car Ficho, which has two switches one for the light one for Humphreys people in somewhere in the depths of the galaxy may have a longer evolutionary time, and these bodies have a body that is possible as Mercedes, with more than one switch, which you have as you know more functions.
The soul is unstoppable, its sophistication depends on the body and its brain capabilities. Throughout the evolution, the brain is always one step ahead of the body; they have a sleeping reserve for the time that comes in order to be able to activate the parts that are bloodied by the impulses of human newly developed philosophical iteligence "But who should just conquer these sleeping brain parts and activate them."
Soul scattered?

What do you think is the soul? or you know that the soul essentially acts as a connected energy in the presence of an antimatter, and its mental lightning, like impulses, relaxed waves, just like a dash of ink in the sea, you can accept Hitler's speech on a radio somewhere in the central galaxy, as if this thought relaxed or scattered into the atmosphere years ago and trapped in the distant past and is the product of the soul.

The soul is a set of wisdom and knowledge, which acts as a whole. Every sort of conceived thought, the souls that you say loudly or subtly, it is, for example, a radio wave that triggers a pulse that can affect various things and antimatters and changes the space of souls in the vicinity (We say that we feel something in the air.)

Anyone who claims otherwise has the right to his own opinion, but only that his soul is not an indigenous origin of this planet, but consists of scattered ones, I can say the dead souls who were too long in overseas and who were not prepared to reintroduce or did not expect transition (niches).

All that spiritual reflection on some quasi-stages and higher levels above souls is the fruit of a living man and his ignorance, what is the soul at all; the only thing that is dispersed is the soul of the released energy.

A person can also disperse if his particles of the body's soul molecules do not mediate the command of association. There were examples of the fact that at the very moment a person was ignited and turned into a pile of ashes, only the parts of the horn (hair, nails) remained.

How, though, would the souls be scattered in the atmosphere? it would look the same as a million people who scream and shout, and nobody knows why it goes. But it really is, but it also consists, but it's a few periods to become capable of leading a humanly sophisticated body.


Sep 20, 2017
Is this an image of a being of extraterrestrial origin, or is it an image of a refined soul?



Sep 20, 2017
[QUOTE = "Rudi, post: 161830, član: 9760"] Ali je to slika bitja zunajzemeljskega izvora ali pa je slika prefinjene duše? [/ QUOTE]
Na sliki je oseba, ki se je preobrazila v moje telo v starosti desetih let.
To lahko potrdim.
Kdo je to, kaj dela v meni, zakaj natančno; Na ta vprašanja lahko delno odgovorim, vendar še nisem odkrila nekaterih podrobnosti, ki so me pogrešale.
Kaj je bitje - ostanek zgodnjih civilizacij
Kaj je bitje - UFO
Kaj je bitje - ki živi večno in mi je dal priložnost, da se naučim poti reinkarnacije človeške duše in ji povem.
Ta subjekt je prevzel vodenje mojega telesa, zato mu kot otrok nima posebnega vpliva.
Moja prirojena duša, ki sem jo prejela ob rojstvu telesa, je bila privita in ostala na ravni desetletnega otroka, ki sem jo zaznal, ko je vzorec odšel med spanjem iz telesa.
Ti odhodi iz telesa med spanjem telesa so v zadnjem času postali vse pogostejši, ves čas mojega življenja sem, razen da jim nisem dala nobenega posebnega pomena, imel sem jih za čudne sanje.
Odnos med subjektom in telesom ostaja kot celota.
Ta vzorec se mi zdaj zaveda, ko hodim z duhovi skozi energijo, se zavedam vsega; v tem času se telo, kot v paralizi, ne more premakniti, le oči, vizija in um otrokovega dela, kar mi je dalo priložnost, da sem videl, kako se sam skočim v telo; Stresem ga, da se zbudim; včasih vlečem nogo.
Vse se zgodi v delčku sekunde, kar je dovolj, da v zadnjem minutnem času narišem, kaj sem, ko hodim med duhovi.


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