Image of an alien.

Himalayan Hermit

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i am sorry, it is just the image i can provide of the being, no further information. The image was taken in the Netherlands. It is real, not a hoax. i know myself where it was taken. I can go there and take another image.
You mean take another image of the scene/object or take another image of the Photo from 90s?
Can you define what you mean by "this being hanging above us" - Do you mean that Entity was hovering above you?


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That photo reminds me a lot of the Ilkley Moore Alien Photograph that this police officer claimed to get a photo of back in the 80s. It was quite famous among researchers too.

steven chiverton

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it looks like the picture was taken of the stars and with blue gas clouds etc and a large image of a white gas cloud formation looking like an alien but not a very good alien shape at that