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alpha centauri

Active Member
The video is bullshit. This is just another propaganda video.

Nobody is provoking Russia and Ukraine also did not want to invade Russia which would also be very stupid with a far inferior army than Russia.

The war is Putins doing and not the doing of the US like he suggested in the video. Russia could end it, if they chose it, but they want the war.

The media is also not saying the Ukrainians are winning. That is another lie.

In addition to this, the guy in the video seems to be very proud that Russia killed more people than Ukraine while they have a larger army and better weapons. Putin has never cared about the human life. Why does he wonder that he killed so much people.

this is also in the video:
Russia bullies all the smaller European states and they wonder why they cut of the railroad to Kaliningrad?

He also says the Russians are the victims for a war they created? And the US is responsible? How ridiculous is this.

Historically, Kaliningrad was never a part of Russia and was culturally cleansed after WW2.

If you follow Putins logic that Russia has a right on the regions where more ethnically Russians live, Russia would lose most of his Asian parts (especially Siberia), because they belong ethnically to China. Ukrainians could be called Slavs as the Russians but Ukraine does not even want to be part of Russia, nor does anybody else in Europe.

The rest is also wrong. The EU and some member states dont want to create a war they defend themselves. That is why the armies are stationed there, because if they dont do it, Russia would also attack them.

alpha centauri

Active Member
There are negative groups everywhere. As far as I know, the Bilderberg described in your link are the negative groups on the Western side. So to blame only one side is pretty insane.

As far as I know, there are seven regions in the world which all have their leaders and one is the Antichrist (which they said is Thoth, the founder of Egypt, the demiurge in the Gnostic texts or Lucifer and Shaitan in the monotheistic texts).

This is also mentioned in the bible (the beast with the seven heads and the ten horns). The region Europe plus Russia is probably the region where the horn originated that subdues two other horns.

The Illuminati released their plans through Benjamin Fulford (who is a fool, because he is contacted by both negative and positve groups, but thinks the negative groups are positive): The Russian part of the Illuminati want to conquer whole Europe. And the Illuminati as a whole want to create a world government with the seven regions: Europe (plus Russia), Americas, China, Muslim world, India, East Asia and Africa.

If you defeat the Bilderberg you still have the other regions who have negative groups. As far as I know, the Chinese Illuminati were promised world domination, if they support Russia. But the powers behind them will not give it to them, of course. The leaders in China are dumb to believe that, because their support will lead to Chinas destruction. If they give China world domination they would lose power, because their power comes from the arguments between the seven regions and that no region has total control over the world. The war itself is instigated by them and also the beefs between the different countries. So to support Putin is pretty insane in itself, because he is one of those people that they control.

When they defeat the Bilderberg, Rothchilds and Rockefellers, they still have the negative groups in the other regions. So that is why the beast is wounded but not defeated in the bible, when the world government will be created.