Interesting Meditation Experiences


Junior Member
Apr 15, 2020
About two days ago I meditated for about twenty minutes while listening to the Schumann resonance. While meditating I became irrationally tired considering I got a full nights rest the night before and my body started "jerking" awake every time I started to slip away. I then meditated on my back and quickly entered a deeper state of mind. Then I started falling through the floor for a couple minutes. It felt like I was being moved through a tunnel. I ended up back in the same room I was in but it was darker. Right when I fell into the room, I heard a woman's voice I'm sure I have never heard before say "Welcome to (Blank) (Numbers)". I can't remember what the blank was or what the numbers were. I really wish I did because it seemed important. That's when I connected back with my body.

At first I though it was one of those dreams you have in between sleep and awake. But I was completely aware of everything going on and the woman's voice seemed to be projected into my mind.

Has anyone else had any strange experience's while meditating?