[ Interpretation: Violent dream ] A shocking encounter with a dark robed "vampire" like person/entity

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( WARNING! My dream contained blood and rape. Please do not read this if you are under 18. Of course I won't wrote about deeper details the process or anything, but it has a deep effect on me and I'd like to find out it's reason, so please, if you have any idea, feel free to share with me. I'll put some info about me at the end, to help you.)​

I was in an abandoned, great temple with a person who I know for a long time. He wanted me to visit there with him, so I did, but I had a very bad feeling about the idea and the place, anyway. It was old, ruined, dirty, filled with spider webs, insects, rats, however it was a wonderful building before, seeing the furniture, sculptures, glass, chandeliers and so on.

After a long exploration, we thought that we should find a place where we can sleep. The first vision about the creature inside this building appeared before me, like a dream (a dream in a dream).

It has a pale, grey skin, which wasn't smooth but slightly wrinkled, dry. It has black eyes how I remember, but I'm not sure about that. Had a huge, black, dirty coat/cape stuff on him, which hided the top of it's head. It opened it's mouth, and I noticed some huge, bath like teeth in his mouth. Similar like on this image

(on the middle), but there was two of them, both side in my attacker's mouth and I see almost nothing between them. It showed up from the dark, like a shadow, and attacked me, while I was asleep.

Then I realized suddenly, that it was just a dream-like vision, and I can continue our way with my cousin, even when I just wanted to leave that unholy place as soon as possible. We found a small room, with an old, dirty bed then. It was huge, but was perfect for our goal, to take a nap before we'll leave finally. We layed down to sleep.

Then, in the middle of the night, I just woke up and saw that creepy "thing" showing up above me, in the end of the bed. I saw that face, those teeth, the black robe, and I screamed, so my cousin just woke up and realized what's goin on. He wanteds to run but the creature looked at him, and stopped him with some kind of force. He fell down on his knees. I saw this, then I looked back to our attackers, with scared face, backing in the bed. He smiled with opened mouth. I can saw those theeth, still.It grabbed me, and ripped my clothes off. I screamed again, and tried to defend myself without any success. I felt it's sharp claws sinking in my flesh. I tried to turn away my head, and take a look at my cousin, just to avoid the creature's face and see what's happened with him. Then I saw a big blood pool around him. He looked like that thing controlled him, and my cousin started to do strange stuffs with old runes, cards, and symbols, but I felt he is dead now. He is gone. He was pale white.I felt the creature moving... between my legs. It was violent and cold. It grabbed my neck with one of his hand, so hard as well, while he moved inside me, and I just put my hands on his arms, and closed my eyes, filled with thears, while I was under it. I prayed to God, to forgive me, I prayed to Him, and asked Him just to let me to see Him while this happens, soothe my pain and fear. I knew that I did something wrong before or don't know, maybe I deserve this, no matter.The act was long, and when the creature "finished", it leaned towards me, and with it's strong jaws and sharp teeth, it bit my neck, so deep, then stopped it and watched how my blood started flowing. I saw it's boiling desires and lust, it's hunger, thirst or whatever... it started to lick and suck my neck, to drink my blood, and how it's animalistic, sexual desires has awaken yet again, it started to rape me while drinking. Visions came into my mind, I felt myself calm and terrified in the same time.

Then the creature finished again, and while it stood up, watched me, my tired, bloody body on the dirty bed. My cousin's body laid on the floor, who knows since a while. It spoke to me first at this time. It told to me something like, I can try to escape now if I want, he'll leave me for now. It grinned, and turned back, left me alone.

I was scared. Too scared to woke up and start to find a way out of this huge, dark building, which is clearly a part of this creature somehow... no, I can't escape. And I don't want to risk any attempt, at all. Got no braveness for it. I'm layed on that bed, full of body fluids, and waited, while sinking in my thoughts. But my thoughs were peaceful, so bright and pleasant. Long minutes has passed away, then the door opened again, and it saw me. The entity smiled, but it's dark eye was filled with evilness, bad things, desires, lust, hunger, thirst. Everything.I was not scared anymore. God knows why.

Some informations about me / May be useful

My personality type is [INTP-A/INTJ]. I met the Krishna-consciousness 2,5 months ago, then my life became extremely peaceful, balanced, and calm. Got no any stress, worry in my nowdays, or shock, or fear or anything like these, so I can't really understand this violent dream. I was very familiar in occult, and worked with demons, dark spirits before for long-long years, but I wanted to close that part of my life very fast, and for final.

To be honest, within a year I experienced 3 kind of dreams where I got raped by malevolent beings, but never more in my life. I'm a victim of several rape attempts anyway (in real life), but I feel no shock or fear, got no serious effect on me after those attempt's so... I'm absolutely blind now. I can't find the reason behind these.

Please, feel free to share with me your opinions, ideas and everything what just come into your mind about the dream, it's reason or anything.


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I think" your demons" are letting you know how much power they truly have over you and your life and they're not planning on going anywhere anytime soon . My advice; You need to heal yourself
first emotionally , then physically, and most importantly spiritually by accepting the things you cannot change, the courage to Change the things that you can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Love~n~light )O(


hi, in a big way i can relate to this type of dream. First the breakdown then i hope to maybe get to know this part of our minds. First and foremost any structure in a dream is a projection of how we feel or may even be about the physical body. Almost no structure in a dream remains perfect for very long. Yours was strong old but standing.

In the real world your health might need some attention. Now only you will know what aspects might be applicable. Secondly the attack can suggest a frailty and or a vulnerability and it can be that your surroundings might be stressed or that a situation exist that makes you afraid for your being. The act itself was brutal but had control over others not just you, made them do things did things to them and you. This shows whatever situation you are in isn't just effecting you negatively it also effect other people that you care about. Now bare in mind this is purely situational, it can be that fare less complicated but our minds tent to be brutal to get the message across.

The blood here is the most significant part along with your prayer. Blood is our life force and the loss of it means you might feel overwhelmed drained and even depressed all these things is interconnected to both our physical and mental self. You prayer means you recognized the situation and asked for help from God.

i myself is a deeply spiritual person. It was a choice and one i would make again in a heartbeat.

The demon you mentioned payed me a few visits also. Now it doesn't look the same way, but did the same things and worse and sometimes it will just never stop until i wake up screaming.

If your experience is like my own, i am willing go as far as to say you felt everything including the pain.

The solution i would offer is to identify the causes of stress, feelings of helplessness and fear. Once done you can isolate them and get to the core of each. Self empowerment means to take control and really work with your body and health to restore physical energy and mental wellness.

Now also if applicable and you are also spiritual find your peace again. Where you belong. Now you are welcome to send me a message. i am no Guru or wise person but i do have my experiences to draw from and maybe i can point a few things out that i rather not mention on a open forum for obvious reason.

Please take care and please remember i can only draw on my own experiences so many of what is written here might be true for you or may not be. But that is because we are individuals and we experience things differently.

steven chiverton

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they scare you so your body creates alot of adrenochrome if ive got the name correct this adrenalynn gives them a high and was even said to be the reason why human sacrifices happen over the centuries so thats what they get from your blood when you have alot of fear from them be brave face up to it and and beat it so it will back off think outside the box think about aliens and there much superior abilities some of which i think are the same as some of these demons abilities like mind control and manipulations and the ability to walk through walls to like a ghost can and emagine your whole body glowing with a brilliant white light and a green pyramid structures over you these keep me ok even though i have some ghost boxes i talk to some ghost but i never get anything bad cause i think of aliens as better than them and that keeps me ok, they are all bound to earth like we all are aliens are not they come from elsewhere so may have more abilities than these earthbound demons and evil entities , and so thinking of them aliens somehow keeps me safe .


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Thank you for your responses, I'll try to reply to everyone as soon as I can.

@label I would like to say I'm glad to see a person who similar like me; his interest, some experiences and the way how he sees the things, but as you can see, sometimes it is not a blessing. Sometimes it feels like a curse but I kept telling that is can be a lesson.

The solution i would offer is to identify the causes of stress, feelings of helplessness and fear. Once done you can isolate them and get to the core of each. Self empowerment means to take control and really work with your body and health to restore physical energy and mental wellness.

I'm sure that I was never as happy, peaceful, balanced, enthusiastic and successful as I am now. Everything, inside and outside and all part of my life became better now. Even persons around me noticed this big change and described it as a very positive one. This is the reason why I don't know, what was the problem, because there is no stress in my life, at all. I've experienced very deep depression in my life, which caused kidney cancer in my case, and that period of my life was horrible. After that, believe me I know, I can feel when the stress, fear and other negative stuffs in my life gone.

What I've noticed is, that whatever huge this change was (and of course it won't stop, so I'm glad I can transform with time which makes me more happy), something grabs my attention from nowhere or seemingly no reason. For example, you can see some posts made by me about Wendigos and Skinwalkers, and they just came back since my young years.

I'd like to write a topic about something I wish to discover, for at the moment, it put a huge effect on me.