Introducing myself

Cindy Buckley

New Member
Jun 8, 2017
Hi, I just joined today and am eager to read through the threads, comments and experiences posted here!

I'm a writer who made her living in corporate America, now retired and writing a series of books for 9-12-year-olds about time travel. I've always been interested in time travel, and began to think about a young girl living in an old Victorian house that held secret passageways to other times in the house's history - and other families/young girls who lived there earlier.

I really believe in time travel and would love to have the ability - as my character does - to visit people in different eras, talk to them, hear their thoughts, and understand their lives.

I'll be interested to read the experiences of those on this site who actually HAVE travelled in time.

I also believe in the paranormal and in aliens. There's just no way we're alone here, and that "reality" is just what we can see and feel right in front of us.