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Hey everyone!

As stated earlier, here's today's second exciting update. :)

First, if you haven't noticed already, we now have a new section in our top menu: Streams. There, you see our featured Twitch and YouTube channels and which ones are currently live at the moment. There's also a number showing how many of our featured streams are online.


At the moment I'm writing this, we have @TimeWizardCosmo's outdoor live feed (featuring Art Bell) that is online.

I also went ahead and added an AI Santa, check it out, it's as impressive as it is stupid. It's an amazing AI program that answers the Twitch chat. As you imagine, people in the chat ask all sorts of dumb questions and try to make it say weird stuff. ;)

I also added The Why Files, as I noticed they're sometimes live-streaming. So in case you're not following them on YouTube, it'll give you a chance to catch them here instead.

Second, we want to give visibility to our channels and that of our friends. We want to incorporate the growth of our community with the growth of our live-streaming channels and grow together. Therefore, if you're a member of Paranormalis, you can have your stream featured in our new forum section: The Streamers Collective.

In this forum section, you'll find a sticky thread titled "Welcome To The Streamers Collective - Have Your Stream Featured Here". This is the place to let us know you're interested in taking part in the Collective and have your stream featured here. All members are welcome, new and old. Also, if you have questions and suggestions, this is the place.

This forum section has special permissions:
  • Only the staff can create new threads there.
  • Each streamer can edit posts in his threads, with no time limit. This includes his/her thread's first post that contains their streamer profile, allowing them to modify it when needed, keeping it up to date.

Underneath this pinned thread, you'll find separate threads, one for every one of our featured streamers. As of writing this, there are only 2 of us!


We currently support Twitch and YouTube. The add-on we're using also supports these services:

Live-streaming is something I've thought about for a long time but never actually tried until recently. To my surprise I had a lot of fun, it's cool. It's an incredibly versatile media that I see as an opportunity to have more fun, while also expanding our reach and perhaps gaining a little visibility here and there, now and then.

Alright, that's all for now. Let us know what you think of this, and perhaps, give live-streaming a try! Have fun!

Happy Holidays!

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I went ahead and added L.A. Beast to our featured streams. He doesn't go live often, but when he does, his stream will show up in the Streams section. Have a good day!

Also, I replaced AI-Santa with AI-BidenvsTrump. It's pretty hilarious and nasty at times. They usually answer the chat and when they do, they roast you bad! LOL