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Hello, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jennifer and for over two years now I've been recording unusual otherworldly angelic activity on my property, above in the sky, and in the garden. It all began in the spring of 2018 and I've had a camera in my hand ever since. What I see are ghost orbs in broad daylight, along with small sized angels who in warmer weather swirl around in our yard as fairies. Crazy, I know, but wild and I have tons of videos under my OrbSkyWatcher name (YouTube, Bitchute, and recently I joined Rumble). I also have a pinned photo gallery at @WatcherOrb on Twitter. I also have a website which is here: They are definitely multidimensional and I watch them zip about all over the place, heading elsewhere. I also have a lot of speaking videos of my experiences and receive messages from angels from time to time, mainly cluing us all in how their world works so I've been note-keeping and researching tons.

Please note, as much as I wish I could upload videos constantly, I lack the time to do so and it's hard work to get these videos online such as adding in arrows and slowing clips down because they're fast. Often times, blink and you'll miss them. I don't have a team of people here, it's just me and I still have to cook, clean, work, and shower which most days get pushed off if the sky is clear, haha.

Love & light to all.... :)


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Welcome! :) Looking forward to checking out your videos!


Hey there, welcome to Paranormalis. :) Glad you decided to join the family!

steven chiverton

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be careful those tiny flying rods or skyfish could be easily mistaken for orbs or angels theres a video on YouTube shot in the uk in a garden and wow its the best angel footage ive ever seen and its legs and head and wings are easy to see in it i have the jvc everio gez-ex 355b super low lux cam corder with 1 inch cmos sensor set it to lowest light level use the high speed video setting with slow motion replay that will capture things invisible to the naked eyes even ufos and unknown ufos and other things