Jun 30, 2018
Seeking information off the beaten path; looking for information on gov and ngos establishing permanent communities underground. I've been living with a doomsday cult counting down to the Singularity. I've been injured and drugged and know for a fact I'm not getting all the information I need. Not a joke. Thank you.



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Oct 28, 2011
Sooo , YOu live with a doomsday cult? YOu do know that doom aint coming right... We are on the path of the slow burn. North korea aint gonna launch, Russia aint gonna launch, nobody is gonna launch. Even Isreal is being kept in check. We are on the path of the slow burn....I think

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May 24, 2012
No one knows the day or time...athough everyone will face their own personal doomsday sooner or later.
I prefer to take each day as it comes...go to Burger King, watch a Netflix movie, drink a few Foster's, and not worry about the future.
I prefer to be above ground to see what's coming versus underground where you are subject to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions...which would cave in the bunkers and fill them with magma.
... and welcome to Paranormalis!
Edit...check out the various posts regarding doomsday events, which have been posted for many years.
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Sep 13, 2018
I'll be honest. I find the threat of a Biblical End of Days to be a method of control. A way to keep the free thinkers and those of us who tend to question everything that is presented to us. I'll also be honest that I don't really subscribe to any religious faith. I was raised with this twisted Southern Baptist, Catholic, Tent Revival, speaking in Tongues, hold the venomous serpent to prove your faith kind of thing. I spent time studying religions, subscribed to pagan faiths, the list goes on and on. I personally think that the End of Days will be a more individual thing for each of us. I have to agree, no one has their finger on the button anymore, simply because each side knows that it will all come back on them. Our "Looming" Apocalypse will be by at the hands of the public.