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Those of you who have enjoyed the coasttocoast am program with Art Bell and currently George Noory, i was wondering if you have seen this guy on youtube. His name is AJ and his pet fish hecklefish. He has done some pretty good shows on Youtube and I wanted to share his link so those of you who enjoy the Paranormal and stuff like what is aired on coasttocoast could check him out and see what he has to offer. He does a pretty good job on his research and getting the stories out. He just recently hit 1 million subscribers.



I've had this video in my "watch later" list on Youtube since its release. Finally got to watch it. Definitely one of the best Titor videos I've seen over the years. It's a great round-up that covers most of the things John has said and done.

I encourage everyone to check it out if you didn't already. It's a great watch!