Killed yourself in the past?

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Welcome to the plantation Dr. Rush. As to your paradox, I have no idea. But if it's like the grandfather/mother paradox that may give you an answer. I'm sure you'll get some responses on this one.


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If you went back into the past and killed your self would you still die?:huh:[/b]

I've read a bit on this subject. From what I understand, you would die in that particular timeline. If you believe in the theory of multiple timelines, you would remain alive in another timeline.

BTW, welcome to the forum Dr. Rush!

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No you woudn't die, because when you travel in past or future you only appear as a ghost and the "PORTS" are closed i mean the pat or future that youre changing something is a separate timeline. So you will only change OTHER present, but when you get back - it's usual.
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I don't think so. when you went back in time, you left. did you remember to either go through mitosis or search for your dopelganger? No? So, all of you left, you did not make a copy of yourself, there was nothing left behind was there?

So, you exsist up to the time that you imbibed way too much takillya and decided to go back in time and kill your self. You do, your body leaves, you decide to be real silly and kill yourself, you do and your body dies. You exist in the last place up until the time you decided to leave and travel in time.

How could there be a copy left in that world? How could you get back to anyplace if you just died?
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No you woudn't die, because when you travel in past or future you only appear as a ghost and the \"PORTS\" are closed i mean the pat or future that youre changing something is a separate timeline. So you will only change OTHER present, but when you get back - it's usual.[/b]
lol and how do u know this?

im guessing u would kill urself in a parrallel universe. like on jet li's one where there are many universes u would just kill someone from a different one
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here's my theory:
you travel back in time, and meet your younger self, it would be like meeting any other person. Except for the feeligns involved of meeting "oneself" of course. And if you kill this younger person, he would die, like any person you kill would. I dont see why "you" would vanish from killing a younger version of yoursel, as it would be like someone else that is killed. You allready exist so I dont see how you can just dissapear, then you wouldnt been there in the first place (in other words, you would have been killed when you were at the stage in the life where you actually were this younger self, and would never gotten older than that. And that would been impossible since you allready are the older version, and experience life as this older version, so only solution is to me there would only be the physical death of this younger version, that must exist in some paralell timeline/dimension)

To put it short, you travel back in time, but since you are in a place where you allready exist, its a copy of the "real" timeline from where you came. Its not the original one in any case, as you didnt meet a future self when you originally was the age of your younger self in the above example. So whatever you do there affects that "copy" and not the one you came from.
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Dr Rush, ignore everthing posted above, it's all rubbish. :P

Seriously, everyone is entitled to there own opinions, so ignore that comment.

Here's my take. Someone going back and killing his younger self is a paradox because logicaly, if he was murdered as a young man he would not have the opportunity to grow older and commit temporal-suicide. Of course if he doesn't do that, then he would get the chance to grow older and commit temporal-suicide, and so on and so on.
So how does one resolve this? Some of the solutions offered above involve parallel timelines and other invented phenomena to avoid the issue. I, however, will meet it head on.
When a person travels back in time, for any reason, he is in the past. His actions take place in the past. They take place before the present. Therefore they are part of the sequence of events that lead from that moment in the past to the moment when the time traveler left. The simple answer to your question is, a person CAN NOT kill his younger self in the past. It is impossible.
This is a much easier answer than saying that an entire universe is spawned from nothing or that the murderous time traveler some how evaporates upon completeing the deed. Anything you do in the past is part of the past, it already happened.
If you need it explained as a story, try this.
Bob is walking down the street and suddenly he hears a gunshot. A bullet ricochets off the building behind him. He looks around for the shooter and sees a wild man running his way waving a gun. He ducks into a store and yells to the man behind the counter to call the cops. Just then another near miss shatters some nearby sodas. Bob ducks and crawls away.
The gunshots meanwhile have attracted a crowd. The gunman runs into the store shouting "Where is he!?" The clerk pulls a shotgun out and holds the gunman until the police arrive, and they take him away.
Later that night Bob hears on the news of the gunman's escape. Just then he is grabed from behind by strong hands that begin to choke him. He struggles free and fights off his attacker. during a lull in the action, Bob demands, "Who are you? Why are you trying to kill me?"
The wild men responds, "Just trying to break the cycle!" and lunges at him with a knife. Bob deftly avoids his attacker and manages to crack him on the head with a frying pan. For good measure and in a fit of self interest Bob cracks him on the head again. To his horror he realises that the man is dead. Bob just killed him and he didn't even know who he was. Looking through the man's wallet, he comes to the startling conclusion that the man is an older version of him. Upon finding a little time machine in the man's pocket, Bob realizes that the man is him from the future.
This information drives Bob crazy and he grabs the time machine and activates it. Upon arriving in the past, he goes out and buys a gun, his broken mind determined to end the cycle...

It aint much, but if you want more, check out my Sig or go here