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Push Down, Push up, Valleys and Peaks, ditches and mounds, all of these are used in reference to what life gives you. When life gives you lemons, make lemonde, god I'm full of the cliches tonight.

Anyways, everyone goes through these so called "Teen Years" where you strive to find yourself out. But honestly - look at yourselves now do you know whom you are? Do you know where you came from, essentially where you are derived from? If you did wouldn't you have a better understanding of the world?

If that was the case, you are striving to find your place in the world, then wouldn't from the point you were conceived to the point of death be the striving to find yourself? So aren't we essentially all living in the Teenage years all throughout our life?

What if I said an atmoic bomb would go off tomorrow, would you be fearful, would you worry? What if I said another natural diasaster would happen on Easter Monday, like the Day after Christmas, would you be scared? Probably not because I'm not a Seer, nor can I predict my damned life.

Why worry? Hell I'm all about havin' fun. I'd put my life on the line to go do some crazy sh1t. Why, because if its not my time to go, then I'm not going to die. Y'all worry about death so much, and the great HAMMER OF GOD ROAAAAR.

Though I do give the Christian faith credit in how it convinces everyone that God is judgemental. There has to be a sense of justice, appeasement to it if you will. Everyone wonders, hell even jokes there I go again. I'm 'bout the most blasphemous person you've met in your life, I'll make fun of the bible for lawds sake.

WHAT is the point in worrying? If you can't have fun is it worth living for? 'Course there are punishments for eatin' as you damned will, you get fat. But there isn't punishment for everyone in this world, sad to say. Whaddya want me to say, promise you that God will Bring Down Da Hammer on those that got away scott free? I'd by lyin' my ass of if I did say that.

Next part because it is Easter after all;) . Fear, we've all got some bugger runnin' round proclamating the end of the world, the Apocalypse, WWIII, etc. It takes a toll, and you start viewing things as if this is whats going to happen. Relax, if its going to happen its going to happen. Whats the point in getting all worked up about some thing that may not even come to pass? let the Divine take its course, let the Angels to go run about, frolic, hell go sit in the moonlight.

Hell you wanna take on the United States Govt. in a court of law? Guess what? Shoot the moon and go for it. Do whatever you want its your life for gods sake, live like it is.

For the love of god, we're all bent outta shape about every which little thing. Lets travel down the Golden Brick Road, the life in heaven on earth.

What if I said, there was a way to experience heaven on earth. Would you say I was lying? Or would you say I am a piece of blashemous bastard? I'm going to tell you anyways. The Wars are brewin' and its time someone brought some hope, as small as it may be.

Heaven, often depicted as the other side can also be obtained here. All you need to do is shift your conciousness enough times to see that you've actually been sitting in the kettle for heaven, and instantly your reality changes. But you've gotta drop everything of the old, the fear the hate the disgust the anger etc. You need to live with the optimistic emotions, joy, love, happiness, etc. Its beatiful, because all of the arts are always in manifestation because there are no wars, there is no unrest, beautiful to say the least.

So its up to you, whether or not you want to live your life in the atonement of heaven, or live in the duality of here.

Happy Easter,