Los Angeles Judge Turned into a Reptilian, Says Man

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Apr 20, 2011
LOS ANGELES — A California man on Wednesday said he saw a judge “changing shape” in West Los Angeles.

The man, whose name was omitted for anonymity purposes, says he was attending a court proceeding for a traffic violation when he observed the judge turn into “a reptile”.

“I was standing about 10-15 feet from the Judge,” he explained. “He momentarily changed shape into a reptilian, then changed back into a human form.”

The alleged event, which the man claims to have taken about 5 to 10 seconds, was reportedly not noticed by the other 15 people present in the court room, including officers and reporters.

The Los Angeles resident also maintains that his case was rescheduled.

“The next time I was to go in front of that Judge, she recused herself and would not see me again,” he added. “The Judge did not want to speak to me after this, but had the bailiff tell me to return at the next scheduled court date. I never saw the Judge again in my return visits to the court.”

The judge, he said, was dressed in a black robe and her face was the only body part he noticed to have changed shape.

“I did not see her hands at the event as they were on the desk and were blocked by the podium where I stood. No words were spoken during the shape change.”

The man says he is sure about what he saw and that he had only told two people about the incident.

“I saw what I saw. I will never forget it,” he said.

Some paranormal researchers believe in the existence of a race of snake-like underground creatures. Proponents of the reptilian theory, such as David Icke, suggest a conspiracy involving these humanoids taking over planet Earth. According to its followers, these creatures are meticulously involved in daily political decisions affecting governments across the world, as they also believe that they are capable of “morphing” or “shapeshifting” at will in order to “deceive” the population.

In June 2015, a Texas man told Cryptozoology News that a reptilian humanoid had startled him when the alleged creature had entered his house in Brownsville.

A month earlier, a motorist in Florida took a photograph of what he called a being with “heavy eyelids” and “weird scaly protrusions” driving a vehicle in front of him.

In early 2015, a woman said that her Native American grandparents had encountered an unidentified reptile-like creature while crossing the Sabine River from Louisiana into Texas in 1920.

In 2002, a girl in Virginia claimed to have seen a similar creature while camping at the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Page County. She stated that the animal looked like “the mix of a horse and a Komodo dragon” with a “dark gray-brown color”.

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