Lottery from God

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Lottery from God

I was at a Wedding on Saturday, a friend of 22 years finally made his partner of 18 years and 4 children his Wife.

I am uncertain as to how many of you know that I have a cancer, but despite my best efforts to keep Andi in the dark, he found out. He was sat with me half way through the night, sozzled as I was, and asked me a most curious question.

Andi knows that I am of Irish-Catholic descent and am from a very religious family. He also knows that I am quietly a believer in God, though I profess to be an agnostic to all and sundry. Sat opposite me in his best bib and tucker, he was looking uncomfortable and had been for some while. So, I seized the bull by the horns and asked "What's up?"

Andi slugged his Bud, swished the remaining beer around the bottom of the bottle for a few moments before setting it down on the table with a thud. He paused, looked up and focussed his bleary eyes upon me.

"How can you believe in God?" He growled.

"why shouldn't I?" I replied, slightly puzzled by both his question and the manner that it was asked.

"Well, you've got this f****n' thing growing in you again. Where's your God? Where's his justice? You don't f****n' deserve this! Not again."

So I sat back in my seat and proceeded to peel the label of my bottle. I leaned forward on the table, giving him my most earnest of looks and this was my reply.

"God was with me the first time I developed cancer, he sat with me when it relapsed and came to visit on ocassion when I developed a thyroid cancer. God is waiting for me at Christie's now. If God wasn't there, do you think that I would have survived 3 cancer episodes and be prepared to survive a 4th?"

Andi blinked owlishly for a moment or two, then asked the following.

"Good point. Will he give you tonight's lottery numbers?"

I nearly pee'd myself with laughter.

Guess what? I had purchased a ticket and I discovered this morning that I had won ?500.00. Thanks God. :lol:


Lottery from God

:clap: HERE HERE, you know, you may be one of the luckiest people I know my man. Well, I'm sure you know you have the support of this community in your struggle, and hey, who knows, maybe one of us WILL make "the machine" and then we'll see what they've figured out in the future about the big C.


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Lottery from God


Thank You, I need your post today. We just found out that my aunt has cancer. It is inoperable and is in the lymph nodes. They give her very little time.

I am calling my cousin (her son) tonight (who is not a believer), and I was unsure what to say. This puts things in a whole new perspective.


Lottery from God

Grayson your buddy needs an update. Pretty inspiring. A goose bump story - I call them God bumps! God sometimes hands me little pretties as if to say "Yes, I'm here, I'm listening."

Best wishes for your latest recovery. Thanking Him in advance!



Lottery from God


If I edited the names and personal info, could I send that story to a friend of mine? He would absolutely love it!

I think you all know that I am a Messianic Jew, and believe very devoutly in G-d and His son Yeshua. I am very happy that His love has touched you, Gray, even in such a tough circumstance.

My prayers and love are with you. May HaShem be with you every step of the way.

Don't mean to get all weird, but this story really moved me.


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Lottery from God

There is an old saying. "God does not come, but he sends"

Of All the paths that I have come into contact with, one of the top for its "original information" is the Judaic path. If I am not mistaken, the Torah, and the Talmud, a oral interpretation of the Torah have been some of the least messed with information and or writtings. For one thing, hebrew is not that far off from Aramaic. Where as the christian tradition went Early Aramaic to Greek to Latin to the various languages and several known revisions(vatican congress) and deletions, book of Ruth, book of Moses, etc....

The one thing that has kept the Jewish nation strong and steadfast is their strong faith and consequently the strong traditions based in part from that faith and a tendency not to intermingle with othe races and or faiths.

Having a steadfast path that has been altered little from its beginnings pretty much insures that the wonderous diamonds of knowledge still remain intact in the written portion of that faith. As I have said before, the avalibility of those sparks of truth abound in the Judaic written portion. There is also something that goes even deeper into the "magic" of God or spirit, if you will, that for the serious religious / spiritual seeker (such as myself, if you have not guessed by now) is a serious primer leading to the esoteric. That being the Kabbalah. (David A. Cooper has put out user freindly guides) I can think of only one or two other paths that portray such a richness in information and the logical progress of the how and why of Spirit and it's expressions here on the Physical.

If we allow spirit to enter our lives knowingly, we can become "coworkers" as the living force of spirit constantly flows through us. This may sound hoaky, but ask Grayson as he is living testament to the daily miricles that are possible. I just bet he pisses off the doctors. I'd just love to be there to see the look on their faces when he goes in to remission with no other explination than a good ale and a Big Mac. :lol:

PS, hmmm with 500,000 quid you can get us tickets to have tea and crumpets with the queen mum, mate. Let me know the date and I'll wash me socks. Promise not to embarass you infront of her, I do.

Judge Bean

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Lottery from God

500,000 quid. A strong faith. A decent avocation. Understanding wife. Integrity; intelligence. A record of beating the odds.

Not in that order, mind you.

Two things:

1. We should consult you regarding the meaning of life.

2. You should not only be able to make it over here for a party, but you should be able to pay for the whole thing, and not have to worry about getting home late.