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So one night I sleept had a lucid dream of this girl older than me I was in my room
She was on my bed saying something about having kids
I saw that same woman I think in the next dream she was at my grandma house she was dressed in black holding a knife older than me she was about to lunge at my mom and grandma Bc they were there to
I stoped her and she was disappointed in me sounding she said I would never hurt you I saw the same woman again in another dream there was snakes in the place and she said we were associated with snake and then last dream I saw her in that form I have a funny feeling she can change shape shift she was in my bed again and we were laying down she hug me and said don’t believe what you hear about me I’m not sure but I do think around that same time I had another dream with her I was sitting on her lap and she was a queen Bc I saw a throne
But that dream wasn’t clear so don’t quote me on that one
But then I think she shapeshift into this girl I know named Athena in this dream I was told to go to a park that I normally go to so I was like ok I’ll go so I go and Athena is there waiting for me I go up to her then she runs and I follow her I see her run to my grandma house Bc the park is there around the corner once I was there at the house I was told she is up stairs so I go up I see her there she looks at me and kisses me on the lips and give me a number but I don’t remember it then the last dream about Athena I was called on my phone and told Athena is at the hospital so I go there I see her there and I looked shocked to see her she seems me and comes over to me and give me a very long hug she didn’t want to let go then she told me she made me chocolate cake
I had a dream about her brother to
But the girl I find more important

So you think Athena is that older girl change form
Different girl all together in all these dream
What you think


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That is as far as I can go. But if you find yourself having the urge to kill a whole bunch of people with an AR-15, you might think about this little discussion we are having.