Man from Taured. A mysterious man from a parallel reality

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A mysterious man appeared at the Tokyo airport. He looked like a businessman and spoke several languages. When asked for his passport, he handed the attendant a document full of stamps with Taured listed as his country of origin. No one has ever heard of such a country! Strange events begin to multiply, and a strange passenger in the meantime... disappears.
It is June 1954. Tokyo's Haneda International Airport is as busy as ever. A plane from Europe lands on the airport tarmac and a man in an elegant suit gets off. He confidently walks to the customs clearance window. When the official asks him about the purpose of his trip, the man replies without hesitation that he came for business purposes. He has been coming to Japan on business for five years. He speaks several languages fluently, including Japanese. He has banknotes in several currencies neatly arranged in his wallet. At first glance, he gives the impression of an educated and experienced businessman. Then the official asks him about his origins. This question begins a series of very mysterious events. How is it possible that a mysterious traveler traveled so far with a passport from a country that never existed?
There is no country like Taured!
When asked where he was from, the man replied without hesitation that he was from Tauredu. As if it was the most ordinary answer in the world. The problem is that such a country does not exist, American columnist Brent Swancer tells the beginning of the mysterious story. When the customs officer questioned his origins, the man looked confused, but showed his passport and insisted that his country of origin was between France and Spain. The traveler had white skin and, according to the staff, looked European. His passport showed that it had been issued in Taureda and had stamps from previous visits to Japan. The man also showed his driving license issued in the same country and seemed surprised that anyone doubted the existence of his country. The situation became so confusing that it was decided to take the newcomer for another inspection. At that time, both sides probably still hoped that the whole situation would turn out to be just a misunderstanding.
Intelligent, educated, mysterious
The mysterious passenger repeats the same story over and over again. He came to Japan on business once again, as evidenced by the stamps in his passport, knowledge of the Japanese language and local customs. Helpless officials put him in front of a map of Europe and ask him to point to Tauredu. The man is confused, at first he does not see his own country on the map, and after a while he shows the Principality of Andorra located between Spain and France. The newcomer begins to get stressed and explains that the indicated place is certainly Taured, a country that has existed for over a thousand years. He suggests that Andorra is a made-up country that neither he nor anyone he knows has ever heard of. But in the entire history of Europe, no one has ever heard of a country called Taured... Is it possible that the man came from a parallel reality?
Is this a bad joke?
Airport employees are trying to clarify the matter, so they ask the man to contact a person who could confirm his identity. He repeats once again that he is on a business trip and is to visit a certain growing company in Tokyo. He gives her office number. The company does exist, but none of the employees have ever heard of the mysterious traveler. The airport staff also calls the hotel where he was supposed to stay, but no room has been reserved for him. Even the bank cannot confirm his identity, because it turns out that the bank he indicated simply does not exist. Is this some kind of joke? This seems unlikely. The man speaks Japanese, Spanish and French fluently, and claims that his native language is French. His documents look real, and if they aren't, why would someone fake a passport from a country that doesn't exist?
Too much ambiguity
How is it possible that the man had already passed customs with his passport? Or maybe the stamps are also fake? Another mystery was the man's name, which did not appear in the passport. Officials couldn't understand why someone would forge a document in a way that would immediately give it away? Therefore, they did not suspect that the man could be a spy. A passenger with no name or origin would have to be a very good actor. No one doubted his agitation as he sought to prove the existence of his country. During the police interrogation, the interviewers noticed that at one point the man suddenly became nervous. Did he realize that he had entered another reality?
Mysterious escape
Japanese officials and police would love to close the case, but they cannot release the man. So they book him a room in a highly guarded hotel so that the mysterious traveler cannot escape. Even though there was a guard at the door of the room all night long, in the morning the police did not find a man inside. How did he escape? Did he manage to get out of the room, or maybe did he just return to his reality? The whole story becomes even stranger when the police discover that the man's documents they were holding have also disappeared. Hundreds of researchers have been interested in the history, and many of them claim that the mysterious traveler came from another parallel reality. He just briefly entered our world where he shouldn't be. Skeptics, however, claim that the whole story may be a typical urban legend and it is difficult to find any evidence to prove its truth. The mystery remains unsolved and continues to fascinate many people to this day.
For instance nowadays I would compare it that he disappeared like Mario in Super Mario 64 and even like Jesus Christ’s mother…etc.
He was looking like look-a-like of former president of United States of America Abraham Lincoln.