Massive Cloud Of Radiation Heading For The U.s


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This was posted a few hours ago on the net. As we already know, clouds of radiations are already getting over the US. Some reports show that some food supplies have low levels of radiation right now. I don't know how reliable is this forecast, but there it is:


New forecasts show a very predominate cloud of radiation that seems to blanket most of the United states in the next few days. Looking at the map you can see that the brunt of this cloud will hit the Western United States as well as Canada very hard. With steady winds flowing from japan and heading east ,we will continue to see this happen. As mentioned in other articles, food supplies have already seen reports of low levels of Radiation being tested, and with these new massive fallout clouds heading east I’m sure these levels will increase. As you will read below, this map was never intended for everyday citizens to find. Thanks to Alexander for his hard work at digging this up!

“While playing around with the URL’s for Japan nuclear iodine forecasts I discovered a nuclear radiation forecast that was accidentally placed on the ZAMG website. The scientists inadvertently uploaded a radiation forecast showing a massive cloud of Fukushima Xenon radiation spreading over Japan and the United States instead of the iodine forecast for May 9, 2011.
Being inquisitive, I “hacked” the URL and tried getting the May 9th forecast.

Much to my surprise the file “20110508_I-131_FUKU.gif” didn’t pull up i-131 dispersion plume. Instead it pulled the WORLD XENON radiation plume projection and it looks bad.”
I have seen this posted at GLP. Scary how the msm has downplayed this event so much. I've seen it a few times, though I am not sure how reliable it is. If you check radnet, it isn't always much help:(

from the looks of the drift pattern I be pretty much screwed:(. guess what hair I have left is to be short lived:mad: damit I don't like bald heads on people .

I have not detected radiation at high levels using my geiger counter, but that could change soon. Will continue to monitor the air. I went to Seattle this month which was suppose to be a hot spot and it was not even warm. The radiation is far below levels said to be dangerous, so there is no need to worry. Here is a radiation map.

OK using Steven Gibbs HDR I have seen major events in this decade, but no mega disasters this year. I mean a disaster that kills 250,000 or more. We had in the previous decade such an occurrence. It was the 2004 boxing day tsunami that did create chaos for many. Still, it was not the end of the world, and life goes on.
I must agree with ya on this one KID I just don't see the stuff floating in the air without some form of dust or debris to carry it but it makes for a good story thow
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seems the plant in Japan is smokin like a chimny now so I guess there is a transfer medium to carry the rads to the US but it may very well be the least of my worrys here in the midwest we have a nuke plant just north of Omaha with over twenty years of spent fuel rods. stored in the cooling pools . now the ARMY core of engineers have been letting water out of the dakota damns on the mighty MO. river dew to the massive snow melt up north. well the plant is now just a few feet from flooding the building. they have assured us all it wont but when it does we will have a fukashima times ten rite here at home. being that I am just a few hundred miles 2-3 down stream things could get fun very soon
sorry for the interup there had to run kids to practice.
but just heard on the radio that they intend to increase the flow from damn from 140,ooo cubic feet up to 160,000 ft. per. sec. it is expected to rais the river another 6-12 inches this could be enough to flood the NEB. nuke plant. this is getting a little scary folks that would send all kinds of trouble rite to me. sh*t I need a beer or 30 and a couple shots of Quervo
well guys the fun is about to begin. wish me luck and please pray for the folks all along the river cause we're going to need all the help we can get this is bad real bad folks
TEPCO announced that the accident probably released more radioactive material into the environment than Chernobyl, making it the worst nuclear accident on record.

Truly, the situation in japan is scary.

I have been to the following states, Florida, Texas, California, Washington, and Alaska. Also to BC in Canada...

My geiger counter did not show a lot of radiation. Currently amounts shown a near a minimum. However, there is talk of a hot spot near Seattle, I did not see any evidence of one. However, I have two geiger counter, one that my dad gave me. It is an older unit built in the 90's and a brand new one. The new geiger counter was very expensive.

Still, I need to know the exact levels of radiation in our air. It is my fear that hot particles are getting sent to us via rain. Radioactive iodine has a half-life of only eight days - that is the good news. The bad news is that radiation is still being released into the air. :(
you may be right there HDRKID I've been keepin track of my hair loss and no more than use to is fallin out each day and thats caused by the wifes naggin not high rads.:ROFLMAO: