May 5, 2005


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May 5, 2005


I am in a similar situation as anon, I really need to tell my story but have no to tell.

First of all my time is 11:11, I have been seeing it since I was a kid.

Anyway when I was a kid, I had this premonition that the world would start a new era after the date May 05, 2005. It would have something to do with the next Pope and some contriversial views that he would have. It would be after the death of Sister Lucia and after her third message was revealed.

Honestly, I had a very hard time beliving this. I tried to write it off as having a wild imagination. But as the date approaches I keep seeing parts of the prediction coming true. I am starting to get a little scared.

After the Pope died I was surfing trying to find out if anybody else had come up with this date and I found this forum. That is where I found out that Sister Lucia had died and that her third message had already been revealed.

I had always thought that when I heard the third message that I would know exactly what it means but I can't say I do. But I do believe that it did not refer to Pope John Paul. I have a feeling about what it means but it is just a thought so I will not bother sharing.

Reading back on this I realize I sound pretty crazy. But I guess that is the beauty of the internet.

Thanks for listening.
I pray I am wrong.


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Re: May 5, 2005

Something important is gonna happen in may....been feeling

it for months now....we'll see.....:unsure:


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Re: May 5, 2005

I don't know much, and personally I don't really care.

I've been seeing 2:22 and 5:55 a ton on clocks, do you see me worrying?

555, just means a big change. And 222 means your thoughts are going to manifest into Reality, this is Spiritual, but use your discernment to see whats true.

Can I feel these huge changes? Yes, and can I see them coming? Another Rhetorical question, yes. It takes work to make it happen.

People are all hyped up about 5/5/05. Why do you sit there and worry "OMG IS A TERRORIST ATTACK GOING TO HAPPEN", gives 'em something to do at best. The day passes, and they're thinking, "Man that was a wasteful day". Sitting there worrying about it happen isn't going to help.

Aye, myself have seen 1:11, 11:11, 2:22, 5:55, 4:44, and 3:33. The others happen on occurance such as 0:00, that ones fun.

Anyways what I'm trying to say is, just think nothings going to happen, be surprised. Or better yet, prepare for the worst, but don't think about it, how about that? Cover all bases.


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Re: May 5, 2005

You may want to go to the archives of Coast To Coast am with George Norry. George says he see 11:11 all of the time too.


George has had a lot of guess that talk about numerology and stuff. 11:11 is suppose to be something positive or enlighten. I guess I am not enlighten enough to see it. I can try to force myself to watch a clock or something to try and time 11:11, but I will inevitably get distracted and miss it.


Heinrich Hundekok

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Re: May 5, 2005

I can't help thinking...

How about 12:12, 13:13, 14:14 and so on - all the way up to 23:23?!?

I get those a lot.

Oh, yeah... I remember, you guys use that 12 hours system with am & pm - just too bad you'll NEVER get any "messages" related to those numbers, and I will !!!

Maby it's a conspiracy towards all you people in english speaking countries!!! Ever consider that? You've been CUT OFF by the government from EVER getting any numerological messages regarding numbers higher than 11, simply because you won't convert to the 24 hour system. That's just too bad, folks.

Maby we should make a 1000 hour time measuring system? That way we'd open up for a HUGE variety of messages from beyond. Catching my drift?

Look I'm sorry! Cassiopeia, I'm not making fun of you! Please don't take this personally. It's just that one thing is to actually see those numbers, but it's an entirely different matter to agree on them having a meaning. Who'd be in a position to tell others what they mean? That they mean anyhing at all?

I see funny numbers everywhere too - especially 42 after reading Douglas Adams. But.... I just dont get it... What's with this whole numerology-thing?



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Re: May 5, 2005


Anyway when I was a kid, I had this premonition that theworldwould start a new era after the date May 05, 2005. It wouldhavesomething to do with the next Pope and some contriversial viewsthat hewould have. It would be after the death of Sister Lucia andafter herthird message was revealed.
Well,sister L?cia was the first to go. She died February 13th 2005, onthatday Jonh Paul II had send her a "hope you get well soon" message.Thenhe got sick and died, but the secret had been revealed way before,inthe year 2000.

I had always thought that when I heard the thirdmessagethat I would know exactly what it means but I can't say I do.But I dobelieve that it did not refer to Pope John Paul.
The Church interpreted the message of the secret as symbolic, as warning. Was also a way of calming people down, everybody was veryscared about the year 2000. Was a way of saying "everything's OK!".

What I'm seeing is people lost a figure of continuity, and everybody is scared of changes.... I'm scared of changes too, specially those I cant do nothing about.

(BTW, I think that Benedict XVI was chosen to NOT have changes in the Church!)

I've also had "bad feelings" about some dates and some events, and you know what happened? Nothing!!
Bad events happened in dates I would never expected or had bad feelings about.
So relax, nothing will change on May 5th 2005, It will happen a day before... ;) :grin:


Re: May 5, 2005

I had a dream where, I think, I crashed my car on Chimney corner, then I was carrying my own leg, whilst walking to throw it through the bathroom window of an old school friend who was running a bath ! Oh yeh, and it had a big scar on the knee, and it had been in the garden for 2 days. I wanted to put it on ice so the doctors could sew it back on again but my Mum kept telling me to put it in really hot water for some reason that I couldn't work out.

Dunno what relevance and if any dream people could tell me what the hell that means I'd be grateful, just your mention of May 5th made me remember it, think I might not drive my car that day :D