Minor Weather Magick + Seagull (Recent Experience)

Apr 29, 2018
Yesterday while on the beach I was playing around with some minor weather magick (specifically wind & water) and had a different experience.

I started meditating and quickly came into trance with a specific spot in the ocean.
One of my immediate thoughts was I'd like to see a hole in between that part of the ocean (nothing huge, just a hole).
When I get these types of thoughts I just let them come in myself and spit them right back out into the universe with loving desire.
Not even 20-30 seconds later a seagull dived into that exact spot and created a hole / splash where my intended desire was.

I've had animals/bugs gravitate towards me during high states of trance or after long meditations at alternative locations before but never in conjunction with a desired effect in unison with weather and an animal. It's usually either one or the other.

This was certainly no "coincidence" but then again, are they ever?

Maybe because it's a seagull, it stands out more than lets say a leaf, blade of grass, or an ant?

Thoughts ?

I've had some very odd experiences with owls and deer as well I'll post another time.