missing time

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Oh god no. I've always loved my sleep!!! I would go to bed later in the summer and weekends, but would then sleep until noon. lol
Could have been a spatial time and place burp, paula? Like our residents the Grays have said that space and time or the flow of that is not always uniform in its folding out. There's nooks and eddies within that flow constituency, that may be folded and or irregular. There's there's, { Max headroom }, burp, there's also buried iron meteorites in the ground so far down that distort gravity and could possibly have put you in an alternate time spool?

Usually it's extra hair on your chest and wrist that tell the tale. Have you looked there? Ha ha, anything's possible. Also time shifts because time & space can flow like a river.


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Genuine Psychics mentioned prior to 2012, that everything after that date cannot be "seen" anymore!!...Could that be because of massive electronic "blanketing" produced by humans or Aliens, blocking future events?...

Allegedly scientists back in 1966 were able to electronically reduce the effect of the Time-Wave which was created from the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, when it was returning back to Earth from hyperspace..

Therefore, could the huge rise in Time-Slips be due to attempts by scientists to break through that "blanketing", or would it more likely be that "Time" per se is trying to rectify the "blanketing" itself?