Modified Fluxatron


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Modified Fluxatron

I had communication with the designer of this proposed device a number of years ago. He was from Norway unless I am mistaken. I lost track of him some time ago.

The schematics may seem similar, but if you look closely, are different versions.

Modified Fluxatron -

This is a time machine that only use a battery to power an
Infrared LED. No other electrical power is used. This makes
it a very safe and easy device to use for time travel.
Its primal power source is Orgone Energy. It is coming
from the both apex on the double terminated quartz crystal.
It then goes through four potentiometers and a capacitor.
The capacitor has the right value for breaking the time
barrier. The energy is then conducted through four
flat coils and a caduceus coil that creates an orgone
field to make physical time travel possible.
There are two versions of this device, one that use
a touch plate for tuning, and one where you have
two plate over two of your chakras for Remote Viewing
before the actual physical time travel.
The potentiometers are turned when tuning the device.

Modified Fluxatron
This is an expensive device to create because it use a
special wire invented by John Keely. It is called Trexar
wire and consist of three metals, silver, platinum and gold.
With silver on the inner layer and gold on the outer layer.
To create this wire do you need a silver wire, some platinum
and gold. You need a can with 1 part sulfuric acid and 20
parts water. The process is called electroplating. You need
to connect a few batteries in series, and connect the
negative pole to silver wire, and the positive pole to the
platinum. You then put these down in the solution until the
silver wire has the same amount of platinum on it. Do the
same with the Gold. It is important that the Trexar wire has
equal amount of silver, platinum and gold. It is also said that
a silver, platinum and gold wire side by side may work. The
device may work with a copper wire or zinc wire, but if doing
so may you need to create an artificial grid point for
physical time travel.

You need to buy:
An Infrared LED
A double terminated quartz Crystal
A silver wire
Sulfuric Acid
Four 100 KOhm Potentiometers
One 1216 uF capacitor, voltage is not important
Four flat coils
Copper wire
Wood plate
(I managed to buy the necessary components for $250)

The Infrared LED is on a separate circuit. It is used to
enhance the power from the crystal.
The Double Terminated Quartz Crystal should be as good as
possible, if it looks a bit defect should a natural magnet
be added to the circuit. The wire is glued to the crystal.
On the potentiometers are the middle and one of the side
contacts used. The capacitor value should be as close
to 1215.9 uF as possible. Though 1200 uF and 1220 uF will
probably work. Note that capacitors are added in parallel.
Flat Coils are easy to make of a roll of hook-up wire,
it is just copper wire forming a coil.
The Caduceus Coil is made with insulated copper wire and an
empty paper towel cardboard tube.
The Caduceus need to be so long that it in combination with
the flat coils form an imaginary Octahedron.
It doesn't have to be connected to the flat coils, you can
just as well connect it to a Tesla coil. That may boost its
power. Connecting a wire to a grid point may also help.
If you want to remote view the place you are going, then
you need to place a copper circle plate over your solar plexus
chakra, and an aluminum triangle plate over your third eye
chakra. But the best chakra plates are Samarium Cobalt Magnets.
Or you may hold your hand on a wood plate, while visualizing
your target and turning the potentiometer until you feel your
hand stick. Meaning that you have found the resonance of your
target and the transfer will occur shortly after.
The most important, expensive and difficult part of this
device is the Trexar wire.

Disclaimer: You use this device on your own risk.
Copyright ? The Mind -1998

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