Montauk Project revisited - A review to get the gist

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Nov 23, 2015
I was planning to do that by myself, but i came across a pretty good one.
A reddit user did his thing because the tv-series "Stranger Things" seems to be loosely based on this story. What explains somehow, why this is getting popular again.
Bielek, Moon, and Nichols are all debunked a decade ago, but strangely manage to keep selling books.....hmmm i wonder why.

It is in two parts and gives you original text passages from the Montauk Project Revisited book with comments from the reddit user.
So you can decide yourself if this is really what you want to read.
Part 1:
[Spoilers] Hawkins Book Club: Montauk Revisited Overview (Part 1) • r/StrangerThings
Part 2:
[Spoilers] Hawkins Book Club: Montauk Revisited Overview (Part 2) • r/StrangerThings

I hope this gives a little insight, what is going on, because there is almost no way to get a glimpse of what's written in there before you buy it.

Quotes are from the book and yellow is the reviewer.

Samples Part 1:
“But Jack Parsons was far more than a brilliant rocket scientist. He was not only a colorful and popular personality but also an occultist and practicing magician. In fact, his sphere of influence was so great that rumors consistently circulated (and are still heard even today) that the other scientists worshipped him and practiced strange rites under his direction.”
Oh, thank God. I was getting worried that you suddenly regained some of your sanity, Moon. Saying that one of the pioneers of rocketry was a magician put any doubts to rest.

So because of these “strange rites”, the military assigned a Naval officer to investigate. However, the officer “had his own agenda”. For you see, this officer was part of several psychological studies done with “truth serum” and “abnormal psychology”. Why were these studies done?

“Mark also claims to be the actor Mark Hamill who appeared as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy. Preston will not officially identify him as Mark Hamill as he thinks he may be a look alike. It is also interesting to note that I have received totally independent information that Mark and Duncan Cameron used to be good friends. Based upon this and a private file I have seen, I believe Mark Hamill and Mark Knight to be one and the same.”

Samples Part 2:
Against all odds, these two managed to top themselves.
We’re not even halfway done, by the way.

“He finds Christ and Christ greets him in a most surprising fashion. He said that He knows what Stan is there for and He even volunteers to give him the sample of blood. But, Christ indicates that He is not ready to die yet. He tells Stan that he will not be able to kill Him. Operating on his orders from Montauk, Stan then reports emptying a revolver into Christ without phasing Him.”

“The whole experience might have lasted for ten hours in terms of Montauk time but Stan felt that he had been in the time of Christ for about two months. We believe that Stan may have somehow become Judas or walked into his body. Somehow, it seemed that he assumed the identity of Judas, betrayed Christ and arranged for His death as reported in the Bible. Again, this was all on order from Montauk.”
…..Do I really need to comment on this? I think it speaks for itself.

“Stan reported that he brought a vial of blood from Christ back to Montauk. He didn't want to give it up and continued to hold on to it. Then, he felt a burning and the blood "went through him" like an exorcism. He was subsequently sent through a portal to Mars and told to hand over the blood to Christ who he would find on Mars. Stan then emerged out of the underground on Mars and saw a mountain range. Near a mesa, in the corner of a group of rocks, stood a tall thin figure who looked like Christ in robes. He walked over and nervously extended the blood to the robed figure. As the figure accepted the blood, he looked up and Stan now saw the face of Duncan Cameron, masquerading as Christ. Duncan stood there frozen for a number of minutes and Stan took off. The time context of this is not known but we guess that it is late July of 1983 because of some incidents that Duncan has additionally reported on.”
No, dear reader, you are not hallucinating. I would like to remind you that many people treat these books as indisputable, hard truth. I would also like to remind you once again that Duncan Cameron was the guy that Eleven was based off of. Please keep that in mind while you read this;

Well, the rest you guys have to open the reddit page it is too much to post.
And no I didn' write the review, though i wished i had. LOL

After reading the review of the book you can decide by yourself if you want to get amused and buy the book, and not because somebody says there is information in there BUT you got to buy the book first.
I can asure you there is no special knowledge in those books.

Happy reading


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Feb 8, 2015
The reason why Bielek Moon and Nichols keep selling books is because the readers are more inclined to believe in them, and dismiss the so called de-bunkings as BS (y) :)..