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Carl Miller

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Feb 27, 2014
After watching the movie "Predestination" it rang a bell into my mind the idea that perhaps, and most probably it could interest Sci-Fi movie fans since it is a movie of Time Traveling.
In fact "Predestination" is dubbed by the experts as a Retro-Futuristic movie, you know, the one someone goes back into the future to change the conditions to stop an unwanted event to happen in the future.
Obviously it is something unpleasant to have a movie spoiled before being watched by us. I do not wish to play the role of a movie spoiler.
Perhaps moved by curiosity you may be itched to watch the movie. Surely most of the Sci-Fi aficionados have watched it. It is a movie from 2014, one of the most complexes among the Sci-Fi list.
It is mind blowing, mind opening, mind bending filled with paradoxes crazy crazy type of Time Traveling Sci-Fi investigation.
Well if you feel inclined to it I am leaving the link below. Feel free to comment on the movie if you feel yourself moved to do it.

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