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So, I decided to go ahead and open a Medium account. Medium is one of the world's biggest and most credible blogging platforms right now. It is said that it's possible to make money off of it when you're articles get noticed.

I didn't upgrade my account to a paid one, yet. I probably will if I ever get a tiny, little bit of traction over time. Take note that upgrading your account to premium doesn't give you any advantage over non-premium folks. Your success depends 100% on the quality of your articles and your publishing strategy.

My main topics are online nostalgia, gaming, blogging, and online forums. I'm going to work with these topics, and hopefully find a way to get one of my articles noticed, and shared by a publication. A Medium publication, is similar to a Subreddit on Reddit, if I may say so. It's a group with hundreds of thousands of followers, that will share your article if they judge it's good enough for their audience. It's part of the golden ticket that will move you higher in the Medium food chain.

What I'm going to do, here, is document my progress as a Medium blogger. I'm going to share a couple of articles per week. And I'll share with you guys how they do and how my following grows.

Right now, I have:
1 article
1 follower

Here's a link to my profile:

Here's a link to my first article. It's about vBulletin and how it went from amazing to shit in a couple of years. It's a rework of a previous blog post I shared here.

My stats:

For now, you'll probably recognize articles that I already published here in the last year. I repurposed those articles in order to share them with a wider audience. I don't have tons of them, so I'm going to write new ones soon.

Right now, my next 6 articles are ready to publish. One of them is meta, it's about writing. I'm probably going to give that one a little more work and attempt to fine-tune its keywords and topics so that it might get noticed by a publication or something.

I'll keep you updated with my stats in about a week. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. I'll be happy to share my experience, and maybe encourage you to try it out for yourself!

See ya!
For the past week, I've browsed Medium about once a day. I posted comments on articles that I liked, and followed a bunch of people. Many of them followed me back. I try to post about 1 article every 5-6 days on average. A little more than once a week. I have about 6 articles almost ready to go. I should be able to make them last until Christmas.

Here are my stats right now:
2 article
81 follower


I was able to gain quite a lot of followers way faster than I expected.

I now expect to reach 100 followers over the weekend. Then, I'll be able to qualify as a Medium Partner. From there, it'll be possible to generate revenues from the views I'm getting. That is, once I get more views. That's the first milestone right there. 100 followers.

I haven't decided yet what my next article is going to be about. I'll find out early next week.

To be continued.

I reached 100 followers today. Way faster than expected.

I'm going to be able to join the partner program, and start earning "revenues". That's what I'm the most curious about.

First milestone, check!

Next steps of my plan for the next month or so are:

1. Post about 2 articles per week.
2. Continue interacting with others with comments.
3. Fine-tune what and how I write.

Thanks for sharing. This is really interesting. Making websites for our thoughts never pans out because it's almost impossible to get visitors these days. I will be checking this out for my writing.
I totally agree. I've been posting stuff on my own personal blog for years. Never had much visibility no matter what I'd do. Obviously, I was doing it for myself in the first place, but still, it's kind of depressing when you consider the idea that no one will ever see what you're posting.

I've been posting my blog entries here for something like a year, which is cool. I love sharing my stuff with the rest of the forum. I don't mean to change that. But my personal blog really doesn't do anything. It's like a bottle in the ocean.

What brought me to Medium were 2 things.

First, the idea that it's a blogging platform for writers. It's some sort of serious Blogger, or serious WordPress. There's a whole system behind it that encourages quality content and genuine efforts. Post great articles about the right things in the right places and you'll get noticed. Getting your articles "curated" can give you some serious visibility. These kinds of things will NEVER happen on my current Blogger blog. They can happen on Medium.

The second thing is the fact that you can earn actual money if your articles get enough views and visibility. That's novel to me. A part of me would love to earn money with the stuff I write. Obviously, it's not THE reason why I decided to join Medium. My curiosity is what made me do it. I'm curious to test and document IF I can earn anything. From 1 penny to a dollar, to 10 dollars? Who knows.

Again, that kind of revenue can happen on your Blogger/WordPress blog with Adsense and the likes... It's not impossible, alright. But it's extremely unlikely to happen.
Nearly 2 weeks later. I already had a very low daily views count, and it's gone down! Didn't think that could happen, but it did!


Right now I have the following:
5 article
148 follower

I don't have anything else to share right now. It's a little disappointing to see the numbers going down to nearly zero. But I'm not surprised. I have new articles that are almost ready to get out, so I plan to keep going and see what happens. Gotta be patient.

Medium's text editor is one of the best I've seen. It's super basic, in order to keep things simple. Yet, it has everything you need to write clean and complete articles. It's a great tool. Way better than anything else I've used. 100% effort into the content. 0% effort into the formatting.

I love using it, it feels like your stuff writes itself. Pretty cool and motivating.
Keep going with it man there will be ups and downs maybe over the weekend when some have more time you'll get a bump up.!
I wouldn't be deterred, @Num7

December has always been a bad month because people are more into
prepping for the oncoming holiday(s) than anything else.

When the doldrums of winter hit, things might pick up again,
like nothing better to do than kibbutz on the net
while staring out at the cold of winter and the snow.

Just my 3 cents (The usual 1 cent has been adjusted for inflation) ;)
Wow, I haven't updated this in a long time. The first time this year.

I only posted 2 articles in January, which is less than I hoped for, but I've been fairly busy in my personal life and at work, so it's still not that bad.

I've accumulated 7¢ in upcoming revenues. 💡💡💡 Wow! I'm surprised because my average view count is super incredibly low.

Here are my current stats:
7 article
47 views in the past 30 days
242 follower
0,07$ revenues

That's a tiny little bit of potential future revenue right there. I'll try to think about it and keep going, one article at a time.
I posted 2 articles since my last update. Not that much, I know. I slowed down a lot, but I'm still here and I'm still motivated.

Here are my current stats:
9 articles
26 views in the past 30 days
0.15$ revenues.

Yep, 0.15$!

So, to my surprise, today, I received that 0.15$ in my bank account through a direct deposit. Are you kidding me? Wow! I actually made something with blogging, after only 3 months. That's baffling to me.

It's a tiny amount of money, I know. But I thought I'd make zero money out of this. I never thought I'd reach a point where it would generate something greater than zero. Apparently, I did! Amazing! 🤯

My number of views is still pretty (extremely) low, but I'll keep posting new articles now and then. I still have about 7 drafts in store, and I keep getting new ideas for blog posts.

The current line of thought I'm following is all about sharing memories about old stuff from the early days of the Internet. Old games, old websites. Cool old shit!

Here's the most recent entry I posted. It's a remix of one I posted here earlier this year: