My Own Predictions


Jul 25, 2013
Not time travel.

These may or may not happen. Not making any claims or political statements. I HATE politics. I am simply sharing visions in my head. Take it or leave it. Also, I never pick up on dates. Sorry.

1. I see a U.S. Battleship with guns. Obviously, it's in the water. I can only make out "U.S." in black. The ship is gray. I see a man in a marine hat in a photo with a flag behind him. He is a young man, in his 20's or early 30's. Dark hair. Sparkling eyes (blue or green). I am picking up on a sense of pride, accomplishment,and possibly a heroic act. His name might possibly be Brian. Korea pops into my head. No indication of a year or time frame.

2. I see vast, tall, beautiful mountains, the kind that are so big there aren't many trees at the top. I see some type of discovery, tall objects similar to Stone Henge. They are huge and dark. Stumbled upon by accident but very obvious. No digging required. Very cold. The explorer looks a bit Asian and is wearing a heavy coat with fur around the hood.